Ami Brown Shocks Fans With Rare Pic As Young Teen

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Most Alaskan Bush People fans know Ami Brown from her days on the show. She lived in the Alaskan wilderness with her husband Billy Brown and their six kids. Soon, they had to move to Washington because Ami contracted cancer. However, since Billy died, she has lived on the farm with her kids nearby and remains the character fans watched for many years now.

However, Ami didn’t always live in the Alaskan bush and remote areas of Washington and she just posted a rare throwback photo of her as a teen.

Ami Brown Posts Teenage Photo

Just last week, Bear Brown posted a loving photo of Billy and Ami Brown for his fans to see. It was like nothing fans had seen before. Replacing the couple’s more basic outdoor clothing was a photo of the two dressed up, Billy in a white suit and Ami in a white dress with a big hat. Fans immediately noticed the resemblance to their now-grown kids.

Alaskan Bush People - Ami Brown - Instagram

The new photo was from 1977 when Ami Brown was 13. She wore an orange t-shirt with the words “Handle With Care” on it. Ami wrote that the photo was a defense for something. She said that she wanted to let people know that her family “never abused” her. She said she was the “princess” and they “spoiled” her.

She also said this is a reference to her immediate family and her birth family, including her aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. It is unclear where this defense originated from. There were previous claims by Ami’s mother, Earlene Branson, who said that Billy was abusive to Ami and overly controlling, but these accusations were from years ago (via Radar Online).

Billy married Ami when she was 15 and she grew estranged from her family when he took her to the Alaskan bush. However, it sounds like Ami is again discounting any strife between her and Billy as well as her and her parents.

Ami Brown’s Current Family Conditions

Ami Brown still lives in Washington state on the family’s ranch. She has, however, seen her kids start to drift away. Matt Brown has been estranged from the family since his drug problems caused Discovery to fire him from the show. His brother Bear said that Matt remains estranged by Matt’s choice.

Noah Brown still lives close but bought an island in Alaska and is working on that second home. He plans to stay in Washington so his kids can go to school but plans to use the Alaskan home as a summer home. He also plans to move there after his kids graduate, where he can retire.

Bear Brown went to Texas with Raiven for her pregnancy. She is a high-risk pregnancy and there are better hospitals there than where the Brown family lives in Washington. Bam Bam remains on hand to help Ami with the farm. Both Rain and Birdie still live there. However, Ami still has to watch her health after her cancer scare and Birdie also learned she is at high risk for cancer after having tumors removed in 2022.

Ami also recently spent time in the hospital. Bird let fans know and mentioned that Ami was really sick, but was improving. Last week, Ami posted photos from home, so it seems she recovered well.

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