Ryan Seacrest Publicly Flaunts GF After Split Rumors

Ryan Seacrest - Aubrey Paige Petcosky

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most recognized people anywhere. On the opposite side of that, he likes to keep his private life as private as he can. Recently, though, he showed off his girlfriend in a big way following split rumors. So, what did the American Idol host do?

Ryan Seacrest Is One Of The Most Recognized People On The Planet

When you think of the biggest names in the entertainment industry today, Ryan Seacrest certainly comes to mind. He first got national recognition as the host of American Idol. He eventually returned to the hosting role that really put him on the map, but he has also done a number of other things since.

Ryan Seacrest is a man of many talents. As such, he has also been a man of many different jobs in radio and television. He has had various hosting gigs over the years outside of American Idol. In the last two decades, he has easily become one of the most recognized faces in America, as well as globally, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

He is officially the new host of Wheel of Fortune as well, taking over for Pat Sajak, who recently retired after an impressive 40 years as the host.

Ryan Seacrest-YouTube
Ryan Seacrest-YouTube

Seacrest Tries His Best To Keep His Private Life Private

Ryan Seacrest’s public life is more public than most people in the industry by a long shot. He has been a fixture in households across America for decades. As much as he lives his life out in the public space, there are a few things that Seacrest has tried his best to stay private about, including his love life.

Ryan Seacrest has had a girlfriend for the last three years. He began dating a woman named Aubrey Paige Petcosky in 2021. His girlfriend has posted about him online plenty. As for Ryan, he has chosen to keep things about her a little closer to the vest, especially in terms of what he shares on social media.

As someone who spends his working life in front of cameras and under the microscope of public scrutiny, it makes sense for him to want to have a little more privacy where his love life is concerned.


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American Idol Host Makes Public Statement With Girlfriend Following Split Speculation

Since Ryan Seacrest doesn’t post his girlfriend much, split rumors are always a topic of conversation among fans. Back in December, Aubrey Paige did not share a birthday tribute to Seacrest, leading many to question if there was trouble in paradise for these two.

Recently, the private Seacrest took to social media to share an update with Aubrey Paige. In the update featuring the pair, Ryan took to social media to bring attention to a party game that his girlfriend developed, called Sippin On Somethin’.


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It’s a card game that was designed “to make the world of wine fun, approachable, and easy to learn,” according to the product website.

Since this is Ryan Seacrest we are talking about, it’s no surprise that he found a way to show his girlfriend off online while also plugging her product, a win-win for everyone. For anyone that thought these two split, they are clearly still going strong. As a bonus, this was also a way to quiet the split chatter, too.

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