‘DWTS’ Gleb Savchenko Under Fire For Bashing Future Partner

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DWTS pro dancer Gleb Savchenko is under fire for bashing his future dance partner. He has had some big names to cha-cha with but now, he has pretty high standards. What exactly did he say and how will it impact him in the long run? Keep reading for more details.

DWTS Gleb Savchenko Under Fire For Bashing Future Partner

Over the last decade, Gleb Savchenko has had the pleasure of dancing with stars from all walks of life. His DWTS partners have included Lisa Vanderpump, Jana Kramer, Lauren Alaina, Shangela, and most recently, Oscar winner, Mira Sorvino. He will now go on to appear in the Chippendales show out in Las Vegas for a short run which will be a great treat for Gleb fans. Though no announcements have been made for Season 33, names are already being tossed around.

Gleb Savchenko and Mira Sorvino from Instagram
Gleb Savchenko and Mira Sorvino from Instagram

Jason Kelce is one name that has been mentioned by Jenna Johnson. He just retired from football and with his brother, Travis Kelce dating Taylor Swift, he would be an asset. Now, Gleb knows who he would want as his dance partner. According to Soaps, Gleb was talking about how he may be forty but he knows he looks thirty. Therefore, that seemed to play into what he wanted in a partner.

Gleb Savchenko from KTLA 5 interview on YouTube
Gleb Savchenko from KTLA 5 interview on YouTube

Gleb shared this:

“Number one, she needs to be a hard worker. If she’s a hard worker, that means with a lot of practice, we’ll get things done. Number two, I do want her to have a little bit of a dance experience, dance ability to have rhythm, not be pigeontoed, be able to straighten her legs.”

He added she cannot be “too old” because, though she may be delightful, he does not want to constantly take pain breaks or things like that. Additionally, Gleb said “it would be nice if she’s hot” and “nice to look at.” Immediately, a Reddit thread was started over this. The OP hoped that he would not be asked back to DWTS after these comments. They also cited Peta Murgatroyd and Emma Slater who have danced with older men with smiles on their faces.

Time To Go

After seeing these comments, fellow DWTS viewers had this to say about Gleb Savchenko:

  • The interview rubbed me the wrong way imagine his last partner reading it. She has got to feel so bad about herself.
  • I’m ready for him to go
  • Gleb needs a reality check. He may be a good looking 40 year old but he gives me the ick.
  • It’s always been obvious, Gleb is not a smart person.

His partners have varied in age but his last partner, Mira Sorvino, was fifty-six when they danced together. They seemed to have good chemistry and she was in nice shape. He never said what he considered “too old” so time will tell if his wish is granted.

What did you think of his comments and should he be removed for being ageist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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