Would Daisy Kent Be Future ‘Bachelorette’ After Turning It Down?

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Daisy Kent is opening up recently about turning down The Bachelorette. She was obviously the producer’s first choice. However, Daisy decided it wasn’t the right time for her. She also discussed in an interview whether or not it is even something she would consider in the future. What did this fan favorite have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Daisy Kent Shares If She Would Be The Bachelorette In The Future

Bachelor fan favorite Daisy Kent was the top choice to be The Bachelorette 2024. However, she decided it wasn’t the right thing to do. She actually had been considering the role and turned it down just two weeks before the announcement.

There are rumors that Maria Georgas also turned it down before the show finally decided on Jenn Tran as the new lead. So far Maria has not opened up about that to confirm all the rumors.

As for Daisy, she recently shared that from a health perspective, it was not a good time for her to be the lead. They are filming long hours and with her past medical history, it just wouldn’t be great for her right now. But, would she do it in the future?

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Daisy appeared on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt where she talked about not doing The Bachelorette. She said, “I know it’s a time for me to focus on the things I love and the people I love. And so right now, no, I’m not ready. And that’s OK. And I’m really proud of myself for realizing that.”

While talking with them she also revealed that she would definitely consider being the lead on a dating show in the future. So it sounds like once she sorts through some things she would consider taking on the role. Fans would definitely love to see it.

She concluded by saying, “Right now it’s just not a good time for me to do something like that. But I loved being on the show and I had such a great experience.”

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She Has Brought A Lot Of Attention To Cochlear Implants

Daisy Kent remains very thankful producers of The Bachelor allowed her the opportunity to tell her story about losing her hearing and getting cochlear implants.

Daisy has even written a book to help younger people navigate through their own experiences.

What do you think about Daisy hinting she would be open to being The Bachelorette in the future?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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