‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Hibear Insulated Bottles

Hibear on Shark Tank

On tonight’s new episode of Shark Tank, the people behind the Hibear Insulated Bottles are coming to try to find an investor to help them build their company. The new company has what they hope is a unique product that will lure in a shark for help.

Here is a look at Hibear Insulated Bottles on Shark Tank and where you can buy them.

What Are Hibear Insulated Bottles On Shark Tank?

U.S. Nacy veteran Mark Tsigounis founded Hibear when he realized there was a need for sustainable insulated bottles for outdoor excursions. According to Mark, his time in the military taught him that most gear needed multi-functional uses, so he created the All-Day Adventure Flask. It both serves as a water bottle and also crafts different beverages.

Hibear Insulated Bottles On Shark Tank

Mark worked as a financial consultant after leaving the Navy, giving him business experience marketing his products. He worked for Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, and E*Trade before co-founding online brand reseller Morea Brands. After this, he set out to create Hibear.

He then raised money through Kickstarter, making 10 times more than his asking price, and then raised $150,000 in pre-seed co-investment from the Reno Seed Fund and DundNV.

According to Mark, Hibear created the All-Day Adventure Flask from 18/8 medical-grade stainless steel. It is durable and sturdy. It has a silicone sleeve that protects it from drops. The bottles also have an open-wide mouth and an electropolished interior. This makes them easy to clean.

As for what makes it special, the Hibear Insulated Bottles have a thermal core. This means it can be frozen to keep beverages cold without needing ice. This is also aided by its vacuum-insulated shell made from stainless steel. It also helps with cocktail drinks. The lid is also multi-use, doubling as a pour-over for coffee brewing. This makes it good for water, cocktails, team, wine, and beer.

Where To Buy Hibear Insulated Bottles From Shark Tank

For anyone who sees Hibear Insulated Bottles on Shark Tank and wants to learn more, visit the company website at hibear.co. Once there, it asks for an email to receive free shipping and product alerts.

When it comes to shopping, people can buy the Adventure Flash, get a Shark Tank 2-Pack offer, or buy the Ultimate Collection. The Shark Tank deal allows customers to buy two and get two sleeves free. The Ultimate Collection includes a flash, hat, pouch, and sleeve pack.

As for the Hibear Insulated Bottle, the Adventure Flask costs $95 and comes in eight different designs. The Shark Tank deal costs $190. The Ultimate Collection costs $162 and allows customers to choose their hat and bottle designs. Hibear is also on Amazon.

What are your thoughts on the Hibear Insulated Bottles from Shark Tank? Are the bottles you might want to try out for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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