Lisa Vanderpump Called Out For Taunting & Teasing Party Talent

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Lisa Vanderpump is being called out for teasing and taunting party talent that she had hired for an event. This is not the first time she has been the subject of bad work practices. Yet, what went down between her and the contractors? Keep reading for more details.

Lisa Vanderpump Called Out For Taunting & Teasing Party Talent

Having lavish and elaborate parties is something that Lisa Vanderpump loves to plan and have. Her daughter, Pandora Todd Sabo’s wedding was a next-level event and that is how she likes to do things. Unfortunately, as with her businesses, she can get called out for poor treatment and it does not always go well. Earlier this year, LVP was sued by former TomTom employees. They alleged they had “unsafe work conditions” and, there was “sewage and backup in the employee break/locker room.” Additionally, they added: “During this period, [the former bartenders] experienced rampant violations of California labor laws, harassment, and unsafe working conditions.”


Now, according to a Reddit thread, LVP is also unkind to those she hires for personal parties. She had entertainers dressed as mermaids for her daughter, Pandora’s engagement party during her time on RHOBH. It was thrown by her good friend, Mohamed Hadid so LVP and her family were merely guests. In any case, one of the mermaids spoke out about how badly LVP spoke about her and another lady, also hired to be a mermaid.

Lisa Vanderpump-Reddit
Lisa Vanderpump-Reddit

Many of the OG RHOBH cast members were at this event and it was truly over the top with animals and, obviously the scorned mermaids. So, what did followers have to say about the idea that Lisa Vanderpump was demeaning toward these workers?

  • What is she telling us for? Does she expect us to boycott the show for mermaid discrimination?
  • This is so pathetic… like girl come on
  • Wasn’t it Mohammed’s party? I think it’s a stretch calling herself “talented”….. I can do a better mermaid impression after a bit of vodka.
  • I just watched this episode! She was acting a fool at that gig
  • why is she bringing this up now😂😂

Why Now?

This was at the beginning of RHOBH so followers wondered why she was bringing this up now. More so, they felt that it was her job to flap around so what did she really expect? Additionally, it was noted that this was a party for Lisa Vanderpump and family thrown by Mohamed Hadid. Therefore, why was the blame being put on her all of these years later? Finally, it was Camille Grammer Meyer who made the snarky comment on camera so why not go after her? It just seemed overall ridiculous, not that anyone’s profession should be mocked.

What do you think of this resurfacing all of these years later? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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