Kelsey Anderson Reveals Special Scene That Fans Didn’t See

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Kelsey Anderson recently revealed a special scene between her and Joey Graziadei that fans did not get to see. During the filming process, a lot happens that fans do not get to see. People spend more time with Joey than what viewers see on the TV. However, this scene was something special between Kelsey and Joey and fans would have loved to have seen it. Now the two are living their lives happily together.

Fans Thought Joey Graziadei Would End Up Alone

Fans thought Joey Graziadei would end up alone due to the preview of the final episode. Joey thought production had everything they needed to make the fans think he walked away with no one.

 “I mean, they had the opportunity with the fact that [Daisy] walked away and I was up there on my own. I get why that was an easy pull.”

Daisy was a fan favorite and people wanted her to win. However, when she didn’t, people applauded her class and maturity. Regardless, people are glad they see Joey and Kelsey happy together.

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: Extra YouTube
Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: Extra YouTube

What Was The Special Scene?

During the “Mrs. Right” pageant, there was a scene fans did not get to see. 

“It was during the Mrs. Right pageant Joey got a Polaroid camera, and we took two Polaroid pictures, because one of my answers during the pageant was, ‘I want to make new memories,’ so he was like, ‘Let’s capture these memories.’ So we took two Polaroids, and he gave me one, and he kept one. It was really special.”

This is something the two got to share with each other the rest of the season. Kelsey also admitted that she did not watch Joey’s time with anyone else but herself.

“Whenever it was other people’s scenes, I would put in headphones and scroll on my phone. Because that was then, this is now. I don’t need to see that.”

Fans do not blame her for not wanting to see his connection with other women. 

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Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson/Credit: ABC YouTube

It seems that Joey and Kelsey shared a lot of sweet moments that fans did not get to see. Especially since Kelsey revealed she knew Joey was falling in love with her in Malta. Fans are enjoying getting to watch Joey and Kelsey explore their lives together now that they do not have to keep it a secret. Would you have liked to see this scene? Do you think Kelsey and Joey are right for each other? Sound off in the comments below.

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