How To Watch Original BBC Version Of Ghosts In U.S.

BBC Ghosts / YouTube

Ghosts is one of the best sitcoms on CBS, but it isn’t an original series. Just like The Office and Shameless, it is based on a BBC series. For fans who have caught up with the American version of the hit sitcom, there is also a way to watch the British version as well.

Here is where you can see the BBC version of Ghosts if you live in the United States and what it is about.

How To Watch BBC Version Of Ghosts

There are many ways now to watch BBC shows for fans living in the United States. There are many ways to see these shows, including watching BBC America. However, the original version of Ghosts is not available on that service for fans. There is a way to see it, though, both with a VPN and for those with two different streaming services.

BBC Ghosts / YouTube

For VPN users, fans in the United States can get a VPN, allowing a person to appear to be online in different locations. This includes different states in the United States as well as other countries. A person with a VPN can log in from London and their internet connection will believe they are in London. A person who does this can then sign up for BBC One on its website and watch the networks’ shows as long as they are logged into the VPN.

However, there is also a better way for people who have subscriptions to two different streaming services. BBC’s Ghosts is available on Fubo and Paramount+. This means anyone with a Paramount+ subscription can watch both BBC’s Ghosts (screen it here) and the CBS version on the streaming service. The same is true for people with Fubo (screen it here).

What To Expect From BBC’s Ghosts

Just like the CBS version of Ghosts, the BBC version tells a similar story. A couple (Alison and Mike) move into a home called Button House and plan to transform it into a luxury hotel. Before they can do this, Alison is pushed from an upstairs window by a ghost and is clinically dead for three minutes. When she wakes up, she can now see the ghosts.

Just like the CBS show, the ghosts are all various individuals from across time and have a fun mixture of styles. This includes a Georgian noblewoman, a Regency Period Romantic poet, a disgraced Troy MP, an Edwardian lady of the manor, and a scout, among others.

The BBC show lasted for five seasons and 34 episodes. The CBS series is up to three seasons and 45 episodes, so it has already eclipsed the BBC version in total episodes.

Have you seen the BBC version of Ghosts? Will you watch it if you have the means in the United States? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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