‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans Say ‘Fake Scenes’ Make Show Better

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There are a lot of reality TV shows, many airing on Discovery Channel, that fans feel are more fake than real. There are a lot of people who refuse to believe Alaskan Bush People accurately depict how the Brown family really lives. Others say Gold Rush adds drama where it normally doesn’t exist. However, for many Deadliest Catch fans, they like the show more for these scenes.

Here is what fans say about Deadliest Catch and its “fake scenes.”

‘Fake Scenes’ Make Deadliest Catch Better

More reality shows today have fans who constantly question what is real and what is fake on the shows. Deadliest Catch is one of those shows. Deadliest Catch premiered in 2005 on Discovery Channel and has 19 seasons and 331 episodes to its name. A show won’t last that long without a lot of fans.

Deadliest Catch / YouTube

However, with fans questioning many Discovery Channel reality shows, the spotlight is on shows like Gold Rush and Deadliest Catch concerning the scripted nature of the shows. These people really are mining gold and catching crabs. That part isn’t what has fans questioning the show. However, the job of mining and fishing doesn’t make for the best television. It is the drama that has fans shaking their heads.

Many things on Deadliest Catch are all too real. This is a reality TV show that has seen people die and it shows the cast’s heartbreak about their losses. While the deaths are not part of the show, several deaths include Josh Paulus, Danny Matlock, and Blaine Steinmetz after the Eagle III sank. Todd Kochutin died after sustaining injuries while aboard the F/V Patricia Lee.

With that said, many things that happen on Deadliest Catch are clearly fake. Also, the fans love it that way.

Fans Love ‘Fake’ Deadliest Catch Moments

While people use “fake” claims when insulting Alaskan Bush People, the fans of Deadliest Catch seem to understand that it all makes their favorite show better. While the dangers of the weather are always going to make things scary, mostly catching crabs comes across as boring. This makes these “fake” scenes add entertainment to the reality of fishing.

The “filler shots” are often called “controversial,” but these offer up some entertaining moments that keep the show flowing fast and these scenes have helped make the show so popular for 19 seasons. This was made even more noticeable this year when Grunge reported that some scenes were shot months apart, but edited together to make it look like it was one event.

The Discovery Channel network made public comments explaining this. He said that pickup shots are done so what happened – but couldn’t get filmed for whatever reason – can play out for the storyline purposes. He said the moments were not made up, but were reshot to look better on TV.

Fans on Reddit argued about whether they liked the fake scenes that add to the show.

  • “I bet some things are real. Original Productions can’t account for everything out there. But it has scripted so many scenes over so many years”
  • “The drone and helicopter shots as well, since they can fly out only up to a certain distance and length of time, and those depend on weather/winds too.”
  • “The only reason I Still watch it the personalities but it’s more like a woman watching a soap opera.”

What are your thoughts about the Deadliest Catch scripted moments? Do you think it makes the show better or worse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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