‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Chris Combs Half His Size In Recent Update

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When Chris Combs debuted on 1000-Lb Sisters, he struggled with his weight and wanted to make changes in his life. After learning about exercise and healthy eating habits, he made miraculous progress and qualified for bariatric surgery. Years later, he looks like an entirely different person.

The TLC star recently shared a new photo on Instagram showing what he looks like today. Fans felt incredibly proud of his progress and encouraged him to keep going.

See the photo and what other fans had to say.

Chris Combs Celebrates Easter With His Grandchildren

Many 1000-Lb Sisters fans know that Chris Combs is a deeply religious person. Naturally, Easter is an important holiday for his family. The TLC star spent Easter weekend with his loved ones and couldn’t wait to share a photo online. But what fans really noticed was that he’s done an excellent job of sticking to his health and wellness goals.

Chris Combs from Instagram
Chris Combs/Instagram

Nothing better than grand kids,” Chris captioned his Easter photo, posing with his three young grandchildren. Although Chris’ full body isn’t visible, he fits comfortably on a corner of the couch. 

On the show, Chris said he once had trouble getting up from a seated position. That doesn’t seem to be an issue for him any longer.


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Chris’ physician, Dr. Eric Smith, wrote, “Proud grandpa right there!!” Other Instagram users added:

  • Sweet babies, beautiful! Bless them. You look great, Chris! 🥰❤️”
  • You look wonderful.”
  • Cute picture. Looking great Chris.”
  • “Chris, looking EXCELLENT, my friend!”

The TLC Star Accomplishes Another Major Milestone

During Chris Combs’ first appearances on TLC, he really struggled to engage in even the most basic levels of exercise. But that’s all in the past now. He recently finished a 5K and couldn’t be prouder of his achievement.

“Remember when riding a rollercoaster for the first time was a big deal for @chris.combs.5243?” Dr. Smith shared on Instagram. “Well, Chris just left that thrill in the dust by finishing his first 5k this past weekend! 🏅 I know I tell you this all the time buddy, but your post-surgery journey and hard work have been nothing short of spectacular. Cheers to many more firsts!”


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Onscreen, Chris has shared his desire to get skin removal surgery. At this rate, it really seems like it’s only a matter of time before he achieves that milestone too.

What do you think about Chris Combs’ progress so far? Are you excited to see where he goes from here? Share your thoughts in the comments and follow TV Shows Ace for more news and updates on 1000-Lb Sisters.

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