Shannon Beador Believes Bellino Is Culprit Of Lawsuits

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RHOC star Shannon Beador believes that the Bellinos are the culprits of lawsuits in her life. This makes sense as this isn’t the first time she has been served with a Bellino nearby. So, what is Shannon saying about all of the drama in her life? Keep reading for all of the details on the situation.

Shannon Beador Believes Bellino Is Culprit Of Lawsuits

John Janssen just served his ex-girlfriend, Shannon Beador with a $75K lawsuit for a loan stemming from 2022. He claims he loaned her money for a facelift in two different parts. The first was via wire transfer and the second was the following year through a personal check. She was supposed to give him the money back with interest but that seemingly never happened. Per the RHOC star, she was shocked by the lawsuit as she believed the money was a gift. The suit is also asking for her to pay Janssen’s legal fees, as well.

Shannon Beador, John Janssen-Instagram
Shannon Beador, John Janssen-Instagram

According to Page Six, Shannon cannot help but feel the Bellino touch for this one. In 2018, she and Tamra Judge were sued for one million dollars by Jim Bellino for defamation. He is Alexis Bellino’s ex-husband and Alexis is a RHOC alum who is now dating John Janssen. She will appear as a “friend of” in Season 18 of the hit Bravo reality series. In any case, the suit was ultimately dismissed but it was a slap in Shannon’s face when John started dating Alexis knowing what her ex-husband had put her through.

With this latest lawsuit against Shannon Beador, she cannot help but feel the Bellino sting. Admittedly, she is not certain Alexis had anything to do with what happened but shared it is “very coincidental.” Shannon continued: “I don’t know if she had anything to do with it or not. I really don’t know.” John Janssen’s attorneys went on to clarify Alexis is not a part of this whatsoever: “Mr. Janssen filed the lawsuit because it is apparently the only way he will be able to recover the money he loaned Ms. Beador.”

Not A Gift

John Janssen also wanted to make it very well known that the $75K was most definitely not a gift and should not be viewed that way. He wants back what he feels is rightfully his while Shannon Beador cannot believe it has gotten this far. She did try to fix it shortly before the lawsuit but to no avail. To make matters worse for Shannon, she and Alexis Bellino will be filming together during Season 18. Whether they will interact is yet to be seen but Shannon is on the outs with Tamra Judge. Tamra has mended fences with Alexis so this will make for a very interesting dynamic.

Do you think Alexis pushed John to sue Shannon or did he do it all on his own accord? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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