Cameron Mathison Books New Gig, Leaving ‘General Hospital’?

Cameron Mathison/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube

Cameron Mathison is one of the most in-demand talents in television. The General Hospital actor just booked a new gig, causing fans to fear he is leaving the sudser. Keep reading for all the details on the huge job he just landed.

Drew & Carly Break Up Over Jason

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) made his much-anticipated return to Port Charles. Despite being thought of as dead for two years, Jason was very much alive.  He’d been working with the FBI as an informant.

Jason’s return put a wedge between his brother Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Carly (Laura Wright.) Upon his return to Port Charles, Jason was caught up in the shooting of Dante (Dominic Zamprogna.) After the shooting, Jason made a beeline for Carly. Drew showed up, accusing her of harboring a fugitive.

Cameron Mathison/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube
Cameron Mathison/Credit: ‘General Hospital’ YouTube

General Hospital viewers never really accepted Cameron Mathison in the role of Drew, especially after Billy Miller’s unexpected death. After breaking up with Carly, is there anything keeping Drew in town? That’s what fans are wondering after news of the actor’s new gig.

Cameron Mathison Books New Gig, Leaving General Hospital?

Cameron Mathison joined General Hospital in 2021 after Hallmark canceled the daily talk show Home & Family, which he joined as co-host in 2018. In addition to the soap opera, the actor continues to star in other gigs, including Hallmark movies.

His latest career move takes him to the Game Show Network. While fellow daytime stars from Days of Our Lives are competing on a game show, Cameron Mathison is going to host one.

The GSN announced they are adding three new game shows to their schedule. Former Baywatch star Brooke Burns will add another game show host credit to her resume. She has been tapped to host a reboot of Tic Tac Dough, which has several previous incarnations, including one in the 1978s and 1990s.

Cameron Mathison - Youtube
Cameron Mathison – Youtube

Family Matters star Jaleel White will host a new game show called Flip Side. Cameron Mathison hosts a game called Beat the Bridge. According to Deadline, the game is an “enormous interactive bridge that dares players to cross by stepping on the right answers to challenging trivia questions.”

Is the actor going to stay on General Hospital amid all his other opportunities? He said last month that he is not leaving amid online rumors that he was cut from the cast now that Drew and Carly broke up. However, he has yet to comment on his status on the soap after news of his new game show host gig broke.

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  1. I would hate for them to send away the character of Drew if for some reason Mr. Mathison chooses to exit from GH. Before Steve Burton was let go the brothers were getting to know each other while chained on Cassadine Island. It would be nice to see Drew help Jason after his informant days are over. It appears that Jason is going to be suffering from PTSD and what better than his veteran brother help him get through it. If anyone remembers how angry Jason got after his head injury it would be a good storyline to see that anger come out and how it gets it back under control, it would also be nice to see Jason’s life away from Sonny. After all Jason could become a security manager or a private detective with Spinelli.

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