Tori Spelling Update: Living ‘Day By Day’ After Filing For Divorce

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Tori Spelling has not had it very easy in the past several years. This is especially true when it comes to the past year. Since filing for divorce, it does not appear things will not get any easier for the former star of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Tori Spelling Files For Divorce

Tori Spelling, after almost a year of being separated from Dean McDermott, filed for divorce. Ironically, she filed on Good Friday, March 29th of this year. In the divorce documents, the former child star stated irreconcilable differences was the reason she made the choice to end her 18-year marriage.

Tori Spelling made it clear she wanted full custody of their five children. She is seeking joint legal custody with Dean McDermott. According to the divorce papers now filed with the court, she is willing to allow her estranged husband visitation with Liam Aaron McDermott, 17, Stella Doreen, 15, Hattie Margaret, 12, Finn Davey, 11 and Beau Dean, 7.

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The misSpelling Podcast

Dean McDermott learned his estranged wife had filed for divorce during the first-ever misSpelling podcast. This is the podcast Tori Spelling just launched.

Although Dean McDermott’s side of the conversation was not heard, it appeared the estranged couple were arguing. It was a choice made by Tori Spelling, not Dean McDermott, to keep his side of the conversation private.

The conversation ended with Tori Spelling saying “love you” to Dean McDermott. Despite all the unhappy years she spent with her estranged husband, she still loves him. Once can not help but wonder if still loving him is the worst part of this entire situation for the Beverly Hills, 90201 star.

Tori Spelling And Her New Normal

Tori Spelling is doing her best to adjust to her new normal. This is a difficult adjustment for any mother of five to make. It is especially difficult when that newly-single mother lives in the spotlight.

“It’s been pretty rocky for everyone, but Tori is finding her way,” an insider recently said. “She’s getting used to being a single mom. She’s checking off boxes for her priorities. Her main focus was to find a new home for her kids, and they now have a rental. She takes things day by day for now.”

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott with their children. - Instagram
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott with their children. – Instagram

This seems like a normal response any soon-to-be divorced woman would have. Tori Spelling appears to have her priorities in order, seeing she is doing her best to care for her five children. She has done everything she could do to make sure all of her children know they are loved and providing them the best life possible.

Tell us what you think. Is it more difficult for women in the spotlight to adapt to being single mothers? What steps can she take to make this adjustment period easier for herself and her children? Sound off in the comment section below.

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