‘Married To Medicine’ Fans Question Phaedra Parks’ Part On Show

Phaedra Parks-YouTube

Married to Medicine fans are continuing to question Phaedra Parks’ part in the hit Bravo reality series. She became a full-time cast member for Season 10 after a few guest appearances. Yet, her presence is escaping many. So, what are they saying? Keep reading for more details on Phaedra and M2M.

Married To Medicine Fans Question Phaedra Parks’ Part On Show

Phaedra Parks has primarily been known as a housewife, stirring the pot from Season 3 through Season 9 on RHOA. She was a lawyer turned mortician who had two children with her now ex-husband, Apollo Nida. However, the real drama came when she was accused of spreading rumors about Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker. Apparently, they intended to drug co-star, Porsha Williams only to take advantage of her. That caused Phaedra to be let go from the series but it may have all been a setup.

Phaedra Parks-YouTube
Phaedra Parks-YouTube

She was welcomed back for the RHUGT Season 2 in the Berkshires and quickly became a fan favorite. Parks was so well-received, she was asked to join the now-tainted Morocco season of RHUGT. Then, it was announced she was joining Married to Medicine for Season 10 but viewers do not know why. A Reddit thread was just started to question why she is part of the cast:

  • Am I the only one who hates phadrae on the show? I know people rave about her which is why the brought her on, but she isn’t a clinical doctor, isn’t married to a doctor, and lies about everything in her life. I’m not sure what the views were this season, but the show was better before her, and they don’t need her to have good viewings.

So, did any fellow viewers have an answer as to what Phaedra Parks brought to the Bravo series?

  • She literally had no relevance.
  • They absolutely did need her to have good viewings.
  • It was all a move just to get her back on tv. With rhugt, the traitors and this, it’s clear bravo is happy to work with her.
  • I feel like a friend of would’ve been a better move

An Alleged Storyline

One Redditor broke down where Phaedra Parks was supposed to stand when she joined Married to Medicine. If this is true then her presence would have made a lot of sense:

  • I will say I thought the whole she has a boyfriend that’s a doctor in the beginning of the season was bullsh** and then lo and behold we never meet him or see him (I don’t think we even hear his name?) and a few episodes later she’s not with him anymore.

So, she was set to have a partner who was in the medical field which would explain bringing her to the series. However, that did not pan out and then she was left to bring her own Phaedra flair. For some, maybe they loved having her there. Unfortunately, for diehard fans, it was a flop.

What do you think of having Phaedra on Married to Medicine? Good casting or just a ploy to bring her back? Let us know in the comments below.

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