Fans Want A New Bartender To Replace Wells Adams On ‘BIP’

'BIP' bartender Wells Adams/Credit: ABC YouTube

BIP may not air this year, but if it returns next year, fans have ideas over who could replace Wells Adams as bartender. Keep reading for what we know about a possible Season 10 and who fans think should get behind the bar.

ABC Mum On Bachelor In Paradise Renewal

ABC is already planning its summer and fall schedules. The network announced last month that The Bachelorette will return for Season 21 this summer. Joey Graziadei’s contestant Jenn Tran will be the first Asian-American lead in the franchise’s history.

Jenn Tran/Credit: ABC YouTube
Jenn Tran/Credit: ABC YouTube

The network also gave the green light to the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelorette after the popularity of 2023’s Golden Bachelor. Fans are anxiously awaiting an announcement naming The Golden Bachelorette lead, but Bachelor Season 28 winner Kelsey Anderson wants her dad to apply as a suitor.

Dancing With The Stars was also renewed for Season 33 and will likely air in the fall along with The Golden Bachelorette. However, one show that hasn’t gotten renewed just yet is Bachelor In Paradise.

Online speculation suggests that the show is paused for a year due to poor ratings and three failed relationships on Season 9. Whether it returns this year or not, some fans think that Wells Adams needs to be replaced as beach bartender.

Fans Want A New Bartender To Replace Wells Adams On BIP

Wells Adams has been doling out advice with a side of alcohol since Season 4. He hoped to become the host after Chris Harrison left the franchise in 2021, but the network went with Jesse Palmer instead.

'BIP' bartender Wells Adams/Credit: ABC YouTube
‘BIP’ bartender Wells Adams/Credit: ABC YouTube

One Bachelor Nation fan took to Reddit to start a discussion over possible replacements for Wells Adams. They asked, “So we’re most likely not getting paradise this year but if we did (or for next year) who would you like to see as the new bartender if they got rid of Wells??”

While ABC hasn’t given any indication that they are looking to replace Wells, fans had ideas:

  • Hot take no one. Part of the reason the last few seasons have been so extra is wells. Remember the Salley suitcase storytime
  • Brandon [Brayden] with a new pair of earrings everyday
  • Susan from golden bachelor! She would be such fun time
  • Grocery store Joe
  • Tayshia bc she’s hot
  • Tyler Cameron
  • Honestly wells doesn’t really add anything to the show besides him just wanting to be there and benefit from it. They could go back to having the old guy who used to bartend for all I care.
  • I can see it being Blake M

One fan even suggested actress Sarah Hyland, who married Wells in 2022. However, her schedule seems a bit booked. She just stepped down as host of Love Island due to scheduling conflicts. Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix will replace her.

Do you think Wells Adams as bartender makes BIP better or worse? Who would you replace him with? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I will quit watching it. I like Wells. I don’t care who they replace him with but they are going to lose more people watching the program. He is part of the fixtures. We all love him….

  2. Hell no! Wells is the best! he’s funny & gets along with everyone. #KeepWells ABSOLUTELY NO ONE SHOULD REPLACE WELLS!

  3. Keep him. Good looking. Good sense of humor. He knows the franchise. He knows how to put up with all the little prima donnas that walk around say look at me look at me and doesn’t barf. Or the men who uses way too much baby oil and works out trying to build their muscles up so they can catch that special girl when they run and jump into their body I mean arms. Leave well enough alone. Too many changes and people lose interest. Oh wait what was the question again!!!! XOXO

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