‘Abby & Brittany’ Conjoined Twin Abby Hensel Is Officially Married

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Conjoined twin Abby Hensel has gotten married in a private ceremony. The news of the TLC star‘s nuptials broke on Wednesday after photos of her in a wedding dress alongside her new husband, Josh Bowling, surfaced. Keep reading to catch a glimpse of the happy couple.

Who Are Brittany & Abby Hensel?

Abby and Brittany are dicephalus-conjoined twins. Abby Hensel controls their right arm and leg, while her sister Brittany controls the left side. The sisters also share a bloodstream as well as all of the organs below their waist.

When the conjoined twins were born, their parents were asked to decide whether or not they would like to separate the girls. They ultimately decided that the procedure was too risky.

Abby and Brittany Hensel - YouTube, Access Hollywood
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“How could you pick between the two?” their father, Mike Hensel said. The sisters were determined to lead a normal life. In fact, their mother Patty Hensel revealed that they planned to have children one day.

Brittany and Abby Hensel first gained national attention after they appeared as guests on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1996. They were just six years old at the time.

Later on, they became known for their TLC series Abby & Brittany, which documented the sisters’ everyday life. The series also showed the twins traveling to Europe and doing things that no one ever thought they could. At the end of its first and only season, Brittany and Abby Hensel graduated from college. They each earned a degree in education.

Now, the two sisters have reached another milestone in their lives. Abby Hensel is married.

The Couple Has Actually Been Married 3 Years

Public records show that Abby, 34, married Josh Bowling. Josh is a nurse and a United States Army veteran. Apparently, the couple actually got married in 2021.

Josh Bowling’s Facebook page is regularly updated. Photos on his page revealed that he, Abby, and Brittany enjoy being active. They like going on hikes and snow tubing. The couple lives in Minnesota where Abby and Brittany both work as teachers.

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Despite the fact that they’ve been married since 2021, people were shocked to hear the news when it broke on Wednesday. Since then, the twins have posted a series of TikTok videos that seem to fire back at critics.

One of the videos shows the three of them together and is captioned, “This Is a Message To All the Haters Out There. If You Don’t Like What I Do But You Watch Everything I’m Doing You’re Still a Fan.”

Another caption read, “The internet is LOUD today. We have always been around.” Their reaction to the news going viral is understandable, especially since they haven’t done anything to hide their marriage. In fact, they have posted about Josh frequently over the last few years.

One fan commented on their video, “I was so confused by all of reports of your wedding – I’ve been following for a while and was sure you were married already.”

“Pay no attention!! Live your very best lives,” another wrote. It’s clear Brittany and Abby Hensel plan to do just that.

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