‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Fans Rip Tina Arnold Over Weight Loss Book

Tina Arnold from Instagram

Tina Arnold may have moved on from her role on 1000-Lb Best Friends, but she hasn’t given up on her weight loss goals. After announcing she parted ways with the series, she announced the launch of her new cookbook.

However, she didn’t exactly receive the response she hoped.

While Tina will always have some loyal followers, others on the internet slammed the book and expressed frustration that she published it in the first place.

Keep reading and see what others are saying online.

The Internet Is Unimpressed With Tina Arnold’s Latest Book

While on 1000-Lb Best Friends, Tina Arnold opted for a more natural approach to weight loss. While her costars were working toward bariatric surgery, Tina said she wasn’t interested. She did reach her goal weight to qualify for surgery but ultimately backed out.

Sometime between Season 2 and the unreleased Season 3, Tina decided to quit the show. She said she felt pressured to go through with bariatric surgery and wanted to focus on a more natural approach to weight loss.

Now, she’s releasing a new cookbook to help others on their journey.

Tina and Johnnie Arnold from Instagram
Tina Arnold/Instagram

Over the past few seasons, Tina grew to be incredibly unpopular with fans. Many found her to be obnoxious and insincere. Now that she’s put out a cookbook, Redditors had plenty of opinions to share.

One Reddit user uploaded a screenshot of a promotion for Tina’s book. Beneath was a sponsored ad for Ozempic, which the OP found hilarious.

Screenshot from Fatherfloob on Reddit

Other Redditors wrote:

  • I swear she said she was [on] wegovy idk why she’s saying it’s natural weight loss”
  • OK, I’ve seen all the deception I need to see for the rest of my life! Who wrote the book’s forward? Meghan??? SMH…”
  • I lost 107 pounds while eating on a budget. How? I bought less f*****g food.🤷🏼‍♀️”
  • Don’t you need to lose the weight first before telling people how to do it?”

Meanwhile, Vannessa Cross Continues To Slay Her Goals

Fans may not be very impressed with Tina’s latest ventures, but her former costar Vannessa Cross continues to win fans left and right. The TLC personality recently called herself a “baddie” and displayed a stunning glow-up. Without a doubt, viewers are excited to see what Vannessa does next when 1000-Lb Best Friends returns to TLC.

It’s not currently known whether or not Tina filmed any episodes in Season 3. More information will come out when the new season arrives later in the year.

What do you think of Tina Arnold’s cookbook? Will you grab a copy, or do you agree with what others are saying online? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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  1. I would never buy anything she has for sale, Shes a grifter that is always looking for a way to get donations. The last last one being a go fund me for a $80,000 Rv 😆 🤣

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