Lexi Young Thinks Joey Graziadei’s Best Choice Is Still There

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Lexi Young thinks a certain person is the best choice for Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor. She claims she has seen their connection since night one and thinks he has a difficult decision to make between Kelsey and Daisy. Lexi left the show on her own due to the difficult emotions she was feeling. Joey was torn up by this but ultimately understood why she chose to leave. Keep reading to hear her opinions.

Does Lexi Young Regret Her Decision To Leave?

Lexi Young decided to leave the show when she realized she and Joey were on different timelines. Lexi struggles with Endometriosis and does not know if she will be able to have children without help. When she asked Joey when he would want to have kids, he said several years down the road. Lexi quickly realized this would not be an option for her, as she needed to jump on the child train as soon as possible. Does she regret leaving?

“I wondered if I should have given it an additional week, but after having time to reflect, I think a lot of that was just rooted in emotion because you give so much to this journey, we had such an emotional conversation together. I think ultimately I’m confident in my decision, but at the time it was obviously an emotional choice.”

Her Opinion On Kelsey Anderson And Joey Graziadei

Lexi Young thinks Kelsey Anderson is the best choice for Joey Graziadei and has seen their connection since night one of the season.

“I always saw him and Kelsey A. have a strong connection from night one, I think I also saw it with Daisy, though, in a lot of ways. Kelsey A. and I were a little bit closer, and so I got to see [and] I got to hear about their connection, and I think he’s left with a very difficult decision. They both bring unique things to the table and they’re both wonderful in many ways.”

She could feel this way since she was closer to Kelsey. However, she still thinks Daisy is an amazing person.

Joey Graziadei and Lexi Young via YouTube

It seems as though she thinks Kelsey is the best choice for Joey. However, she also thinks Daisy is an amazing woman who deserves love as well. She may regret her decision to leave as soon as she did. However, she knows it is for the best and thinks he has two great women to choose from. Who do you think Joey Graziadei should choose to be his fiancé? Sound off in the comments below.

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