Truth Behind Mama June Shannon & Sister Doe Doe’s Ugly Feud?

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What is the truth behind Mama June Shannon and her sister, Doe Doe Shannon’s ugly feud? It seems like June is being spiteful toward Doe Doe for absolutely no reason. So, is there a reason behind all of this venom or is June just cold? Read on for more details.

Truth Behind Mama June Shannon & Sister Doe Doe’s Ugly Feud?

Mama June Shannon needs her sister when it benefits her. Yet, she can be cruel and ugly to Doe Doe Shannon at the drop of a hat. Such is the case on this season of Family Crisis. June is not happy that Doe Doe missed Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson’s high school graduation. Doe Doe claims that it happened because she was left out of the family chat. She also maintained that she had spoken to Alana but she just gave her a vague block of days and not an actual set date and time.

Doe Doe Shannon, Mama June-YouTube
Doe Doe Shannon, Mama June-YouTube

In the midst of their battle and with June claiming they only see each other during filming, is there more to their beef than meets the eye? A Reddit thread was started to discuss this and what is actually going on with Doe Doe behind the scenes. The OP asked this:

  • What happened to dodo?? Does she talk to the family? If so why not.

It seems like Doe Doe was clearly always there for June’s girls when she was absent and heavy into her addiction. This has also been pointed out and all she wants is for her sister to reconnect with her daughters. Therefore, did followers have any context in regard to the Mama June/Doe Doe feud?

  • They’re no longer on speaking terms. I heard from “Inside sources” that Doe Doe is actually besties with Elle bee behind the scenes. Doe Doe has been cut off for a while.
  • I don’t believe her and June speak anymore. I think there is a lot of trauma from their past that needs to be discussed with a licensed professional, but like everything else in that family they ignore it.

She’s Still Around

It was noted that Doe Doe has been on TikTok selling personal merch for $35 so she is still in the media. Yet, another person added that she did say she was busy with her own family. Aside from Mama June’s kids and grandkids, she has her own life to focus on. As for the Elle Bee comment, a Redditor followed up with this:

  • Unless you can cite your source with verification I would doubt this. They all comment on each kthers sh** all the time.

There was also an allegation that Doe Doe has a racist side which dates back to their OG Honey Boo Boo series. However, as one person observed, there is a lot of trauma between the sisters. Doe Doe raised June because their mom abandoned them and then the cycle repeated itself. So, until all of that is resolved, it may take a lot to get them into a stable relationship.

What do you think has caused so much drama between Mama June and Doe Doe? Let us know and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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