Kim Kardashian Getting Hate After Her Kate Middleton Joke

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Kim Kardashian and Instagram! The reality television star just can not stay away from Instagram and out of trouble when it comes to her social media posts. She is currently facing a lot of hate due to a crude and unnecessary joke. The joke was about Kate Middleton.

Kim Kardashian And Her Tasteless Joke

Kim Kardashian took a stab at Kate Middleton on Instagram. She posted a photo of herself and captioned it “On my way to go find Kate.”

The photo of herself was taken by one of her many cars. This was an obvious jab at the future Queen of England being absent from public life due to her health issues. Seeing the public really has no idea how serious Kate Middleton’s health problems are, this joke came across as tasteless and crude.

Kim Kardashian-YouTube
Kim Kardashian-YouTube

Who Thought Kim Kardashian Was Being Funny?

Kim Kardashian, along with much of the world, must think the royal family is an easy target for tasteless jokes. This is generally true, with the exception of Kate Middleton. Royal watchers and non-royal watchers alike appear to be a bit more protective of the future Queen of England. After her current health issues, many have banded together to further protect Kate Middleton.

Kim Kardashian followers were quick to come to the defense of Kate Middleton. Few, if any, of Kardashian’s followers found the joke to be funny. They did not hold anything back in the comments as they stepped up to defend the mother of the future King of England.

“Why doesn’t she go find her dignity first?” one of Kim Kardashian’s followers commented.


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“That was a stupid joke. You shouldn’t even be joking about that,” another Instagram user commented.

There were other comments that brought up Kim Kardashian’s need to always be in the spotlight. “What a weird situation to insert yourself into” and “She will try to associate herself with anything that is getting headlines” were just a few of those comments. Another Instagram user added “Why would she even write that caption? She is so attention starved.”

The World Is Worried About Kate Middleton

As Kim Kardashian is making jokes about Kate Middleton and what could be very serious health issues, the world is worried about the mother of four. Prince William’s wife has only been seen in public once since late last year. She had a scheduled surgery in January. Now, with the one sighting of Kate Middleton, everyone wants to know how she is doing.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

The royal family is not sharing any information about Kate Middleton. With the exception of the one statement which explained she should be back to her royal duties around Easter, no one knows what is going on with her. Hopefully, she is doing well and will be back to her royal routine soon.

Tell us what you think. Was Kim Kardashian’s joke funny or distasteful? Is it “anything goes” when it comes to jokes about the royal family? Are you concerned about Kate Middleton? Sound off in the comment section below.

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