‘DWTS’ Fans Find Proof Alan Bersten & Emma Slater Are Dating?

Alan Bersten from an Us Weekly interview on YouTube and Emma Slater from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars pros are constantly subjected to romance rumors. However, one rumor that just won’t quit is the one surrounding Emma Slater and Alan Bersten.

Since Emma Slater split with her co-star Sasha Farber, DWTS viewers have had plenty of opinions on her private life. In recent years, they suspected she might be dating her former DWTS partners Trevor Donovan or Mauricio Umansky.

But more recently, fans strongly suspect she and her co-star Alan Bersten are the hot new couple in the ballroom. Did they finally find proof of their relationship?

Are Alan Bersten & Emma Slater The Next Big ‘It’ Couple?

Sasha Farber and Emma Slater got engaged on Dancing With The Stars and were incredibly popular with fans. However, their marriage began to break down. Although Sasha hasn’t said much on the matter, Emma said in a podcast interview it was over the possibility of having children. They simply wanted different things.

Did Emma find someone else who shared her plans for the future?

Alan Bersten, Rylee Arnold, Britt Stewart, and Emma Slater from Instagram
Emma Slater/Instagram

“Could the Emma & Alan rumors be true?” one curious Redditor wondered on the platform. “Not talking about the cheating rumors. But could the rumors of them being a thing now be true? Based on their recent Snapchat stories it has me second guessing the deuxmoi posts. They both flew in to Seattle, to spend their day off and posted from the same locations around the same time. No one else seemed to be with them. Britt flew to LA. Pasha and Dani, Gleb, and Rylee all started posting stories in Seattle after a couple hours when they arrived on bus. I’m here for this if it’s true…and if it is, I wish they didn’t feel the need to hide.”

Breakups can be messy, even if they appear amicable to the public. Onscreen and on social media, Emma and Sasha have been cordial to one another. But many suspect that Emma might have had an affair.

Other DWTS Fans React To The OP’s Suggestion

Of course, other Redditors had plenty of opinions on the subject. Others wrote:

  • At this point I’d be more surprised if they AREN’T a thing.”
  • I mean if it’s true they are a thing, it’s also probably pretty likely cheating could have been involved. I know some people just want to blindly ship them and not talk about how Emma very well have cheated, but it’s possible. And could be why they’re hiding.”
  • “Sasha will act friendly but then like comments / DMs basically saying she cheated.”
  • It’s prob true imo and they’re hiding bc of the potential backlash from Emma’s divorce. It’s not finalized yet.”

What do you make of the situation? Are Emma Slater and Alan Bersten secretly dating? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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