‘Teen Mom’ Proof Jenelle Evans Dumping David Eason Is All Lies?

David Eason, Jenelle Evans-Instagram

Is there proof that Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s split was all a lie? Fans have questioned it and wondered if it was purely so she could get her son, Jace back. Now, there is more coming out showing they may be playing everyone. Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Proof Jenelle Evans Dumping David Eason Is All Lies?

When it came up on David Eason’s social media that he was no longer married, it appeared to be all for show. Then, Jenelle Evans filed for legal separation from her husband of nearly seven years so it appeared to be more serious. Currently, the former Teen Mom star is trying to regain custody of her eldest son, Jace. The last time he ran away from her home, he accused David of assaulting him. Therefore, his stepfather’s presence was frowned upon. With him out of the picture, it looked much better for a custody arrangement. Recently, David went on TikTok and alleged that Jenelle cheated on him.

David Eason-Instagram
David Eason-Instagram

Despite all of this, a Reddit thread was started to show Jenelle’s Venmo transactions. She was paying money to help with the boat he is currently living on.

Jenelle still paying to repair the boat
byu/0rev inTeenMomOGandTeenMom2

Followers were not all that shocked and had this to say:

  • How sweet! Jenelle “I’m done with David” Evans that wants child support PAYING for her “ex” to live comfortably.
  • They’ll die together, they’re never breaking up

Then, David made a post on his Instagram stories about losing 100K followers the previous time he and Jenelle broke up and got back together. He was excited that his following was increasing yet again.

David Eason-Instagram
David Eason-Instagram

Followers had a response for why this was happening:

  • People are just eager to be part of the first wave to see the trash fire that’s going to be happening on both of their socials.
  • David this isn’t a flex and makes you look like a complete loser. No one follows you for anything except for laughing at your broken boat style of homelessness.

Finally, one fan had a last idea for why the two of them were likely faking a split and it is completely valid.

I Want My MTV

Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom because of David Eason and his bad behavior. So, the idea in a Reddit thread is that she just wants to get back on the show. Now, she did bash MTV for not helping her son when he was struggling with her mental health but that does not mean she would not go back in a heartbeat. The OP wrote this:

  • In order to get back on the show is to drop swamp king. She’s being bombarded with bills. She needs a new house where everyone can actually have their own rooms truly.

Did anyone else agree with this analysis?

  • This is the drama they are looking for. If anything they would do a redemption/ where she is now special.
  • I think you’re right but I also don’t think Jenelle gives a f**k if Jace’s room “truly feels like his”.

So, there are a plethora of reasons why the two of them could be faking a split. They break up and make up a lot so time will tell how long this will last and how far it will go.

Do you think this is all staged? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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