‘Teen Mom’ David Eason Claims Jenelle Cheated On Him

Jenelle Evans, David Eason-Instagram

Former Teen Mom star David Eason is claiming that his estranged wife, Jenelle Evans, cheated on him. The two have had constant ups and downs and their separation is being questioned. So, what does Eason have to say about his wife right now? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom David Eason Claims Jenelle Cheated On Him

Only a few years into their marriage, David Eason took Jenelle Evans’ dog into the woods and proceeded to kill it. That was enough to make her gather her children and leave. It also caused her and her husband to be let go from the MTV series, Teen Mom. She had been on the show since she was a teenager on 16 & Pregnant with her eldest child, Jace. Therefore, this was a major blow to her. It looked like she and David were done for good but she returned to the marriage. They continued to have ups and downs which occasionally played out on social media.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason - Instagram, Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans, David Eason-Instagram

She said he was unfaithful and then, it looked like he had assaulted her son, Jace, causing him to run away. Now, that Jace is back with Jenelle, she and David have separated. Yet, many believe it is all for show but now, David is claiming she cheated on him. According to @tm_chatter, David opened up on TikTok about what he is doing now that he and Jenelle have parted ways. He seemed very eager to work with fish since that was something she did not like. As for dating, he will hang out with women but nothing serious.

David Eason- @tm_chatter Instagram
David Eason- @tm_chatter Instagram

However, David Eason did add that Jenelle is out dating and was even doing so while they were still together. So, did followers believe this and what did they think of all he had to say?

  • He’s a bottom feeder. Bye Felicia. 🙄
  • She’s going to have to give him child support dude. She’s gonna be pi**ed. She’s the bread winner.
  • V O M I T

Will It Last?

First, fans could not stand reading this recap of what David Eason spouted, including his alleged music career. They were grateful they did not see it all in real-time. Secondly, he and Jenelle Evans do this all of the time, with the breaking up and making up. Therefore, this could just be for show and a waste of everyone’s time. They did file for a legal separation but that is not enough to prove it is really over. Time will tell how far the couple will take it but he claims she cheated so maybe it really is over.

Do you believe Jenelle was unfaithful and do you think that they are truly done for good? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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