Jamie Foxx Returning To ‘Beat Shazam’ Following Medical Scare

Jamie Foxx / YouTube

Jamie Foxx is making his long-awaited comeback after a mystery illness took him out of action last year. This is Foxx’s first major gig since he was hospitalized in April 2023, and from the look of the promo, he is back and he looks healthy. Foxx and his daughter Corrine Foxx are returning to Beat Shazam.

Here is what you need to know about Foxx’s big return.

Jamie Foxx Returning To Beat Shazam

Jamie Foxx is returning to the game show he hosts, Beat Shazam. The news came in a video promo (see below) with both Jamie and Corrine in the video. Corrine will return as the co-host and DJ for the game show on May 28. After Corrine made that announcement, the camera panned over and showed Jamie, who said he was coming back too.

Jamie Foxx / YouTube

The video also showed Jamie running to the podium in a way that shows he seems to have recovered from his recent ailments. Foxx started Beat Shazam as the host, but Nick Cannon took over the hosting duties while Foxx was out with his mystery illness. Kelly Osbourne replaced Corrine as the DJ during that season. The good news is that Fox renewed Beat Shazam for a seventh season and fans will get to see Foxx back in his role as host.

“Jamie and Corinne are the heart and soul of Beat Shazam,” Fox Entertainment’s President of Unscripted Entertainment Allison Wallach said (via TV Line). “As our undeniably dynamic father-daughter hosting team, they bring a relationship like no other to a show like no other, and it’s wonderful having them back on set this season.”

Jamie Foxx Will Finally Reveal Why He Was Hospitalized

The actual reason Jamie Foxx ended up hospitalized remains a mystery. His daughter Corrine refused to divulge any information. There were rumors it was a stroke since the hospital he ended up transferring to was one of the best stroke centers in the nation. The good news is that Foxx will finally reveal what happened.

Jamie Foxx won’t reveal the news in a press conference or an interview. Foxx won’t talk about it on Beat Shazam. Instead, Foxx said at a recent appearance at the African American Film Critics Association Awards that he will tell the story his way. He wants to tell people what happened, but he wants it to be done funnily.

Foxx said that he plans to do a new standup act and he will humorously explain his illness. He gave a small example of what he plans to do when he makes fun of people who think he died and was replaced by a clone.

What are your thoughts on Jamie Foxx returning to Beat Shazam? Are you excited to see Foxx finally returning from his medical problems? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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