Wendy Williams: What Is Wrong With Her Eyes?

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Few few people could argue that Wendy Williams does not have beautiful eyes. No matter what age she is in a photo, Williams has a great set of brown peepers. As fans look through the photos of Wendy Williams’, they can see the changes in her eyes. With all the health issues the former talk show host is dealing with, fans are concerned about those changes. They want to know what is wrong with her eyes.

The Former Talk Show Host’s Health Issues

Wendy Williams has been dealing with a long list of health issues. Those include autoimmune disorders. She has been diagnosed with Graves’ disease which causes hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is when the thyroid over-produces hormones.

In addition to that, Williams has also been diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) and aphasia. There is little that can be done to help Williams. There is no known cure for both FTD and aphasia. The treatments being currently offered have very little impact when administered.

What Is Wrong With Wendy Williams’ Eyes?

Fans who have been paying attention to Wendy Williams through the years have noticed significant changes in her eyes. Those big, beautiful eyes do not look they used to look.

Her eyes have started looking bigger than before. Her eyes have been bulging out for quite some time. Wendy Williams fans can’t help but wonder if her current health issues are causing the changes in her eyes.

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The Cause Of The Changes In Wendy Williams’ Eyes

Wendy Williams was able to describe the changes in her eyes. The former talk show host described her eyes as being “totally cattywampus.” She explained how this is connected to her thyroid issues.

Wendy Williams described how her hyperthyroidism is one of the many symptoms of Graves’ disease. In turn, all of these factor affects the muscles that are behind the eyeballs. The muscles behind her eyes are causing a squeezing effect. This is what is causing her eyes to bulge and look bigger.

The Fans Are Worried

Fans from around the world are worried about Wendy Williams and all of her health issues. They have been rallying support. Posts and comments wishing their favorite talk show host the very best of everything have been seen all over the many different social media platforms.

Her fans are also worried about her being taken advantage of. With her recent diagnosis of dementia, they know people will be crawling out of the woodwork to take a piece of of.

Where Is Wendy Williams - Lifetime Docuseries - YouTube
Where Is Wendy Williams – Lifetime Docuseries – YouTube

Tell us what you think. Have you noticed the changes in Wendy Williams’ eyes? If so, when did you notice those changes? Do think every thing possible is being done to take care of the former talk show show’s health? Are you more concerned about Wendy Williams health or the predators who are possibly on the prowl to take advantage of this beloved star? Sound off in the comment section below. Please feel free to share any good thoughts and wishes you have for her.

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