‘MBFFL’ Jessica Powell Dumps Whitney Way Thore And No BS Active?

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Jessica Powell and Whitney Way Thore are believed by TLC fans to be on the outs. Did she just dump Whitney’s No BS Active business? Some TLC fans think so, but there’s also something that just doesn’t add up.

MBFFL Jessica Powell On The Outs With Whitney Way Thore?

Many My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans talk about how all of Whit’s friends abandoned her. And yet, she was recently with Lennie Alehat playing with his daughter. Additionally, she was with Buddy Bell at his wedding. Admittedly, it seems that something happened between the TLC star and Heather Sykes. Heather seems to have unfollowed the MBFFL star.

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Jessica Powell used to train Whitney Way Thore, but in 2021, with her involvement in No BS Active, plenty of people subscribed. It looked like Ryan Andreas wouldn’t be missed and the workouts continued. My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans like Jessica, but they detected some ruffling of feathers between friends on the TLC show. Now, they wonder if Whitney lost her partner.

MBFFL Whitney Way Thore’s No BS Active  Dumped By Jessica

At the beginning of March, an advert went out on Instagram for the Powell Fitness Training and Wellness Studio. In the caption, Whitney’s trainer said:

Head over to my website (in bio) to fill out a consultation form and get started with me today!

Interestingly, clicking on the bio details still shows No BS Active as well as the website for the Powell Fitness business. So, that doesn’t really add up to a separation.

Jessica Powell - Instagram
Jessica Powell – Instagram

When the post by Jessica Powell arrived on Reddit, the OP thought it might be the end of No BS Active. They said:

So no BS active is obviously BS now…So I’m guessing she’s separated from twitney and her “Fitness” program.

In the comments, My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans were not sure if it spelled the end of the business partnership. Remember, back in January, some MBFFL fans believed that Whitney Way Thore had been kicked out of the gym by Jessica’s dad. So, some people hoped that his daughter dumped the TLC star.

  • Hopefully her dad talked some sense into her and she ditched whitney.
  • I think NO BS Active (by Twit) was formed when Twit thought MBFFL was a short term run. Get some extra $ if ya can. Years go by, and subscriptions still there. Recall how OFTEN Twit complained about doing more videos? Or just didn’t…
  • I was going to post this as well. I guess she no longer works for big Whit.

The Real Situation

Everything became clearer as the discussion moved on. Several people who read the comments on Instagram noticed that Jessica Powell assured people she would still be on No BS Active:

  • She replied to a comment on her post saying she’s still doing the app with quitney.
  • Jessica has always had her own personal training program, she discussed it on the show a few times. I think she’s doing both her personal training and WWT’s No BS.
  • Meh. She commented how Quitney is her best friend and they still have a fitness app running on IG.

What are your thoughts on Jessica Powell’s advertising for signups with Jessica Powell Fitness? Did you think she dumped Whitney Way Thore and her No BS Active business? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here for all your My Big Fat Fabulous Life news.

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