‘American Idol’ Judge Luke Bryan Says Contestant Has Magic

Luke Bryan [Source: YouTube]

So far on this season of American Idol, there has not been a single contestant come into an audition riding a unicorn and sprinkling magic fairy dust. Despite that, Luke Bryan believes he has found one that will be special. That American Idol hopeful is Max Dasher.

Who Is Max Dasher?

Max Dasher is an 18-year-old from Black Mountain, North Carolina. This country heartthrob is currently working a job as a warehouse worker. His dream is to be America’s next American Idol winner.

For his audition, Max Dasher sang “Rock, Salt & Nails.” It was previously recorded by Utah Phillips. He walked onto the set of American Idol with wide eyes. “This is crazy. What am I doing?” he asked.

The Year Of Country Music For American Idol?

Max Dasher is not the first country music singer to garner praise from the American Idol judges. More than likely, there will be many more country singers to earn a golden ticket to Hollywood. This could be “the year of country music” for the hit reality singing competition show.

Ryan Seacrest and Mayim Bialik / YouTube

Emmy Russell, another talented country singer, has already gotten her golden ticket to Hollywood. She wowed all three judges with her powerful and beautiful voice. They were also blown away by her song “Skinny,” which the young country singer had written herself.

What Lionel Ritchie And Katie Perry Had To Say

“Your mantra should be, ‘I’m 18 and I look like James Dean.’ You’re going to have to bump up your vocals, but remember, your attitude comes with it,” Lionel Ritchie told the young country music singer after his audition.

Katy Perry gave the country music crooner a standing ovation. “You have that sparkle. It’s the stuff,” Perry explained to him. “You have undeniable authenticity. It’s like a gold rush.”

Luke Bryan Reacts To Max Dasher’s American Idol Audition

Luke Bryan, using his sense of humor, had the young Max Dasher jump through a couple of hoops for him. The country music superstar proceeded to have a little fun with him. Bryan said, “Here’s lesson No. 1,” Then, the American Idol judge adjusted the singer’s collar. After showing Dasher how to walk on stage, true Luke Bryan style, he told him to walk again. Max Dasher strutted his stuff, make a much better entrance the second time.

“What I love about you is you just did your audition exactly the way I would have. Freaking out and playing the guitar like you were trying to break a string,” Luke Bryan explained. “If we can get you to breathe and calm down, and understand that you’re pretty damn cool, man you’ve got a little bit of magic to you.”

Be sure to tune into the next episode of American Idol on ABC. That is when you will be able to Max Dasher and his little bit of magic.


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