‘Survivor’s David Jelinksy Says Bailing On Challenge Not His Fault

David Jelinksy

That did not take long. Only one episode into the latest season of Survivor, fans were able to spot another Survivor legend. Sadly, for the fans of the show and everyone watching, what makes this competitor a legend is not anywhere close to what they wanted to see.

Who Is The Latest Survivor  Legend?

David Jelinsky is the newest legend on this iconic reality competition show which airs on CBS. Like the legends before him, Jelinsky was more than willing to step up in order to help his tribe. He quit the “sweat challenge” before he truly got started. Later, he quit playing a card game that could have won him a huge advantage in the game.

Sadly, for his tribe and for the viewers, stepping up is all he did. He put forth such a small effort, barely trying to get what was needed to be done for the tribe. David Jelinsky became a Survivor legend for all the wrong reasons.

[Host Jeff Probst. Photo: CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved]
[Host Jeff Probst. Photo: CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved]

Other Survivor Legends Never Did That

In the past, the legends on this television show have not given up. They did not quit. Rupert became a legend by stealing the other tribe’s shoes. Brad Culpepper became a legend by giving up the merge feast for everyone else. Ozzie became a legend by his untouchable skills in challenges and ability catch fish in order to feed his tribe.

No one, until David Jelinsky, ever became a Survivor by quitting so easily. It is quite possible he will go down in Survivor history as the player who gave up the fastest. You can never become a Boston Rob, Sandra Diaz-Twine or Parvati by giving up so quickly.

David Jelinsky Speaks Out

When asked about the sweat challenge and how much longer he thought he could have going, David Jelinsky admitted he had more gas in his tank. “We probably had two hours left,” the competitor replied. Based on his answer, Jelinsky simply threw in the towel. It is, after all Survivor, and a lot can change in two hours. “I didn’t think it was possible the whole time,” Jelinsky admitted.

As for the card game he quit, Jelinsky appeared to have forgotten what happens every season. “You were in a lose-lose situation with that damn skull card,” he explained “So they told me that they were gonna lie, but that makes no sense.” Although telling the truth is sometimes an option on Survivor, lying almost always makes sense when you have the chance to win an advantage. Maybe, just maybe, he had never seen the show before he sent in his audition tape.


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Quitters Never Win

David Jelinsky is living proof that quitters never win. His tribe voted him off at the first vote. It seems obvious Jelinsky did not understand that to win Survivor, you have to play Survivor. That does not appear like something he was willing to do.

Tell us what you think. What did you think about David Jelinsky quitting on his tribe twice? Do you think they were right to get rid of him or should he have been someone to keep around until the end? When it comes to Survivor, do you expect more from the competitors? Sound off in the comment section below.


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