‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Funky Mello Marshmallows

Funky Mello on Shark Tank

Shark Tank is back with a new episode this week. One of the new products coming to the show is a food item known as Funky Mello. The product is a vegan marshmallow that the inventors hope will fill a lasting need for people with food concerns. It will be up to the sharks to determine if this product is worth the investment in the crowded food space.

Here is what you need to know about Funky Mello from Shark Tank and where you can buy it.

What Is Funky Mello On Shark Tank?

Funky Mello is a vegan marshmallow treat. However, the creators – Delisa and Zach Harper – don’t want it to sound that boring. Instead, they advertise their product as “the Willy Wonkas of marshmallows.” They reveal that they want to “revolutionize” what people think of when they think of marshmallows.

Funky Mello - Shark Tank

These new marshmallows are gluten- and allergen-free but taste as good as regular marshmallows. Delisa and Zach created these based on their love of desserts and their personal dietary restrictions. When it comes to Funky Mello, they are advertised as the world’s first refrigerated plant-based marshmallow creme. It has picked up national acclaim along the way.

There are several flavors like vanilla, cookie, and strawberry. On top of that, Funky Mello has partnered with Fitjoy from Austin, Texas, to create Dippsterz. These are gluten-free pretzel sticks combined with the marshmallow creme. The company says its product is great for making marshmallows as well as coffee cream alternatives to dessert toppings.

Where To Buy Funky Mello From Shark Tank

To learn more about Funky Mello after seeing it on Shark Tank, visit the company website at funkymello.com. The company immediately advertises the Dippsterz partnership right on the main home page. They then offer up all the bad ingredients that their products avoid.


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When it comes to where to buy Funky Mello, there is a place on the website, but it is also available in stores. For anyone wanting to buy the product online, there are several offers. The Dips and Snacks Combo, which features Vanilla, Sweet N Salty, and Caramel Apple, it runs $26.99 (regular price $33.96).  The Dippsterz runs $23.99. There is also WQhipped Dips in Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Chai that cost $19.99.

The site also sells merchandise, including t-shirts and a coffee mug.

As for where to buy Funky Mello in person after seeing it on Shark Tank, there are several locations. However, it is limited to the West Coast and several of the southern states. Store retailers are mostly limited to Whole Foods locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisana, Hawaii, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Arkansas.

What are your thoughts on Funky Mello from Shark Tank? Does it sound like something the sharks should have invested in? Do you want to try it yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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