Jesse Palmer Reveals Why Joey Graziadei Canceled Jasper Cocktail Party

Jesse Palmer and Joey Graziadei via Instagram

It never fails when one of the ladies on The Bachelor feels like they have not had time to talk to Joey Graziadei, and the cocktail party gets canceled. Fans saw this happen this week when Maria Georgas really wanted to speak to Joey. Host Jesse Palmer walked in and announced there would be no cocktail party and the rose ceremony was imminent. Now, Jesse is revealed why Joey decided to cancel the party. Keep reading to find out more.

Jesse Palmer Shares Why Joey Canceled The Rose Ceremony

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Jesse Palmer to ask him a few questions about Joey Graziadei’s time in Canada. Jesse revealed on the show that he is a fluent French speaker and is from Canada. So, being in Montreal was great for him. He considers it his second home.

When the group traveled to Jasper, things got a little more serious. This week, Joey decided who would get hometowns. Joey had two one-on-one dates this week. One with Daisy Kent and the other with Kelsey Anderson. They both received roses from Joey.

The group date was a little different this week in that there was not a rose given out. Fans saw Maria have a bit of a meltdown and tell Joey she wanted to leave. She changed her mind but at that moment she was done. Jesse was asked about that situation and how he felt about it. He said, “I think Maria has begun to realize, accept, and acknowledge her true feelings for Joey.”

Jesse Palmer and Joey Graziadei  via Insta

Jesse also revealed the reason behind Joey canceling the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. He said, “I don’t think Joey wanted to leave the door open to second-guessing. He took a stand, trusted himself, and was decisive.”

Joey Graziadei via YOuTube 33

Daisy Kent Took A Stand

Fans also saw Daisy Kent being completely honest with Joey Graziadei. While other women have said they are falling in love with Joey, she didn’t. Daisy refuses to say she’s in love with Joey just to get a rose. She admitted to him she’s not there yet.

Jesse Palmer revealed his thoughts on Daisy’s approach. He said, “I commend Daisy for being honest and knowing that seeing Joey’s interaction with her family will help give her clarity. She told Joey the truth, and in the end, that’s all he wants from any of the women.”

daisy kent via insta 3

What did you think about Joey canceling the rose ceremony? Do you think he picked the right four ladies for hometown dates?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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