Blake Moynes Breaks Hip In Terrifying Bike Crash, See Video

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Bachelorette alums Blake Moynes and Zac Clark are on a conservationist trip in Africa. Blake had a terrifying crash during a bike ride. The social media influencer was filming the whole time. Stay on this page to watch the scary moment.

Blake Moynes & Zac Clark Still Close After Bachelorette

Blake Moynes and Zac Clark were both suitors on Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette. She found love early in the season and left with Dale Moss. Tayshia Adams stepped into the role, and both Blake and Zac stayed to pursue her.

Tayshia fell in love with Zac, and the two got engaged in the season finale. Their relationship ended after less than a year, but Zac and Blake’s friendship has stood the test of time. Zac Clark is rumored to be dating Bachelor Nation alum Kaitlyn Bristowe.

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Blake Moynes and Zac Clark/Credit: Blake Moynes Instagram

Blake Moynes Breaks Hip In Terrifying Bike Crash, See Video

Anyone who follows Blake Moynes on social media is familiar with his love of the environment and helping endangered animals. The wildlife manager often goes to Africa and other exotic locations to help with conservationist efforts.

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Credit: Blake Moynes Instagram

He previously enlisted his Bachelor In Paradise co-star Rachel Recchia on one mission. Blake teamed up with his bestie, Zac Clark, for the latest trip to Africa. Blake Moynes often shares videos from every moment of his trips overseas. He shared a video of riding bicycles with Zac Clark on bumpy and steep terrain.

He was explaining to the viewers that they would eventually reach flat land. Almost as soon as he said that maybe he shouldn’t be filming on such a difficult path, Blake Moynes crashed his bicycle.

Surprisingly, the camera continued to film the entire ordeal. “Hip is broken, but I deserved it – wait for it. Sorry for swearing,” he captioned the Instagram post. Blake joked that it was probably “Not the time or place to “influence in the wild”

After recovering his camera, Blake was able to stand up and showed off a nasty bruise on his upper thigh. He didn’t seem to seek medical attention, so it’s likely he didn’t actually break his hip.


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His Mom Has Hilarious Reaction

The comments on the post further indicate that it wasn’t a serious medical emergency. Kaitlyn Bristowe wrote, “Glad you are ok. Ish. I was already concerned about the bike ride in general, and when I saw this video I thought “oh god he’s gonna eat sh………..” and then you did.”

Zac Clark teased, “It was an honor to witness this Hall of Fame a** hole influencer moment. All for a good cause, of course.”

But the most hilarious roast came from Blake’s own mother. Emily Moynes commented, “Yeah, but is the bike OK?? You can’t quit now!!”

Even though the Bachelorette star didn’t suffer a truly serious injury, the video is pretty scary to watch, don’t you think? Sound off in the comments.

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