‘Bachelor’ Fans Fear Joey Graziadei Or Daisy Kent Will Get Hurt

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Bachelor fans fear that either Joey Graziadei or Daisy Kent will get hurt in their relationship. After seeing Daisy admit that she was not falling in love with Joey yet, fans are cautious about the future of the two. However, Joey still gives Daisy a rose, respects her honesty, and still feels as though they have a deep connection. While Daisy told her true feelings, Maria let her insecurities get the best of her and was not sure if she wanted to stay. This made Joey uneasy, however, he still gave Maria a rose.

Joey Graziadei Fears Rejection

Joey Graziadei has become more emotional in front of the camera in recent episodes. He has expressed his fear of rejection that comes from his time on Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette. He got down on one knee before being rejected by Charity and this broke his heart. Now he is scared of the feelings he has not being reciprocated. However, he is still trying to enjoy this journey as much as possible.

On last night’s episode, he did not want to have a rose ceremony. However, he pulled Maria aside before starting the rose ceremony to clear the air on how she was feeling. She had let her insecurities get to her and was tempted to leave. She stayed because she had such a strong connection with Joey. However, fans were confused why he gave Daisy and Maria a rose after they expressed their concerns that he was terrified of feeling different than the person he chose.


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Fans Thoughts On The Couple

Fans of the show went to X after the episode last night. They wanted to give their opinions on Daisy and Joey’s relationship after Daisy told Joey that she was not falling in love with him yet. However, Daisy did say she could see herself getting to that point, she was not there yet and did not want to tell him she was just to get a rose.

  • “God, he’s so in love I’m so scared for him.”
  • “Someone is going to get hurt with Joey and Daisy. I don’t know which one but I don’t know how this will end,”
  • “That is a risk by Joey giving Daisy the rose. Hinging that she starts to fall in love officially after hometowns.”
  • “Joey gave Daisy a rose when she hasn’t said she’s falling for him and all the other women have… he’s so in love with her,”
  • “The fact that Joey’s biggest fear was not having feelings reciprocated & Daisy expressed she’s not in love yet but can be (& obviously not she met him six weeks ago) but HE STILL GAVE HER A ROSE!!!! They’ve gotta be endgame.”


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While Daisy Kent is a fan favorite, it is unsure how much further their relationship will go. If Daisy is not chosen in the end, fans want her to be the next Bachelorette. Nick Viall even expressed that producers may sway Joey to pick someone else so that Daisy can have a season of her own. This shocked fans to hear that producers would do that, but Nick is someone who would know. However, Daisy is kind and genuine. Do you agree with other fan’s thoughts? What is your opinion? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I am not sure I respect Bachelor Nation. That is a terrible thing to do to both Daisy and Joey. If she is the next Bachelorette I will watch her. I became so invested in her and Joey.

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