‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Discusses Leon Transitioning?

Meri Brown, Leon Brown-Instagram

Has Sister Wives star Meri Brown ever discussed her child, Leon Brown’s transition? This all went down in the Summer of 2022 via a social media post. Leon shared what they were going through and how they got there. So, has Meri ever chatted publicly about this? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Discusses Leon Transitioning?

It was hard enough for Leon Brown to come out in 2017 to their plural family. They gathered their mother, Meri Brown as well as their father, Kody Brown, and his wives, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Though the family was shocked, the Browns were thankful Leon was safe. That was all they cared about and then they met their partner, Audrey Kriss whom they proposed to. Leon, Audrey, and their families started to look at venues right when the pandemic began. Then, everything was put on hold and the couple headed to Utah to take over Meri’s B&B.

Audrey Kriss, Leon Brown-Instagram
Audrey Kriss, Leon Brown-Instagram

Soon enough, Audrey transitioned and then Leon followed suit. It is now questioned if Meri ever addressed her feelings about what went down during that time. A Reddit thread was started to discuss this. The OP wrote this:

  • has Meri ever spoken about Leon’s transition? I know she is accepting (as far as I’ve seen) but am curious if she has mentioned it anywhere.

Meri does her Fridays With Friends alongside her best friend, Jenn and she is fairly open. It has not been brought up on Sister Wives and Leon is never on the show aside from a brief stint at Christine Brown and David Woolley’s wedding. So, has anyone else heard something about this from Meri?

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  • No. Not a word beyond saying on instagram (after Leon announced their transition on social media) the she supports her “sunshine”.
  • I’ve found Leon’s exit from the cameras/series so interesting. Right before the world shut down in March 2020, Leon seemed very excited about having the wedding filmed/paid for by the series.
  • It seems to me that Meri is trying to be respectful of Leon. Of the family that’s spoken about it, only Paedon and Tony have been disrespectful

Married & Content

Regardless of Meri Brown’s lack of acknowledgment, she and Leon Brown were all smiles at Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding. Gwendlyn is the daughter of Christine Brown and is very close to Leon and Audrey Kriss. Therefore, it was important to attend the nuptials. It soon came out that Leon and Audrey also tied the knot in a private, self-officiated wedding. They are content with their privacy and living their lives. If Meri is choosing to respect that or whatever her reason, that is up to them. However, it was noted that Meri will go full-on mama bear if anyone tries to be rude to Leon.

Are you shocked that Meri has not addressed Leon’s transition? Do you think she kept quiet because of Kody Brown? Will she speak up now that they are done? Let us know in the comments below.

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