Mauricio Umansky Has Bizarre Response To ‘RHOBH’ Haters

Mauricio Umansky and family from his Instagram page

Reality star Mauricio Umansky has steadily increased his media presence over the past year.

In addition to his regular role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, he also competed on Dancing With The Stars last fall. Right now, the rumor mill is running wild with speculation about his breakup with Kyle Richards. Some fans think he might be trying to boost his image to save face amid the split.

But regardless of what people say, Mauricio Umansky has had enough of the gossip. He recently made a video to tell haters off — although it was a little unorthodox. Keep reading to get the scoop.

Mauricio Umansky Strikes A Pose & Confuses Fans

Mauricio Umanky and Kyle Richards were married for almost 30 years. As a result, RHOBH fans are very invested in their relationship and breakup. However, the couple still hasn’t shared much about their decision to split.

Mauricio Umansky and family from his Instagram page
Mauricio Umansky/Instagram

But of course, that doesn’t stop the gossip. And in the meantime, Mauricio has had enough.

“Here is what I have to say to all the tabloids and people speculating about my life,” Mauricio posted a caption on the video. In the video itself, he dances while the filter changes colors. The audio says, “Just get your s**t and go, go go.”

It stands to reason that many reality stars feel overwhelmed when outlets consistently poke at their private life. But many RHOBH fans found Mauricio’s response video very strange.


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It was posted in his Instagram story, so fans didn’t get a chance to publicly share their thoughts. But even so, many agree it’s an odd response to the ongoing drama.

RHOBH Fans Want Answers After The Dramatic Finale

It’s been long speculated that Mauricio Umansky had an affair at some point during his marriage. And The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale didn’t do much to quell the rumors.

“I’ve come to realize that there’s a big chance that we’re not going to end up together,” Kyle Richards said in a confessional during the season finale. “There were things that happened that made me lose my trust that I wasn’t able to recover from.”

However, she didn’t go into details. And of course, this only adds fuel to the fire. For the time being, fans will continue discussing and speculating until Kyle and Mauricio open up about the end of their marriage.

What did you think about Mauricio Umansky’s message to haters? Do you believe there is any truth to the rumors about his marriage? Share what you think in the comments.

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