Joey Graziadei Reveals How He Decides Who Gets A Rose

A man giving a woman a red rose.

Is one type of Bachelor contestant more likely to get a rose than another? Season 28 lead Joey Graziadei reveals how he makes his choices. Keep reading for all the details on the stressful rose ceremony decisions.

All Comes Down To One Rose

Season 28 of The Bachelor began with a record-breaking 32 bachelorettes hoping to find love with Joey Graziadei. After just a few weeks, that number has dwindled significantly. Going into tonight’s episode, there are six women left. But in the end, there will only be one rose and (hopefully) an engagement ring.

A red rose sitting on a table.
‘Bachelor’ rose: Credit: ABC YouTube

Questions about whether Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve’s spoiler for this season is correct are taking over the internet. His original spoiler was thrown into confusion after photos leaked of another possible outcome. Click here if you want to read more about that developing story. (Warning: SPOILERS.)

But how does Joey Graziadei decide who he gives a rose to? He shared insight on the heartbreaking choices he must make to find his wife.

Bachelor Joey Graziadei Reveals How He Decides Who Gets A Rose

Joey Graziadei was a guest on Live With Kelly and Mark earlier this week to promote the dramatic conclusion to his season. The season doesn’t end until late March, but the drama is heating up.

Host Kelly Ripa grilled Joey about his thought process when handing out roses. She asked what many viewers probably wonder – does a contestant’s sob story have any impact on whether they get a rose or not?

The talk show host noted that the contestants have the “most incredible backstories” that they seem to drop on Joey at just the right moment.

Kelly Ripa went on to ask if he feels a “moral obligation” to give a woman a rose because they have a tragic backstory. Her husband and co-host, Mark Consuelos, chuckled as his wife continued, “Are you a monster if you don’t give them a rose?”

“I don’t think about it that way,” Joey responded. He did admit that a contestant opening up to him might help them get a rose. “I give out roses, obviously, because I think that they are sharing a side of themselves,” he said.

Mark asked what if the contestant doesn’t have a dramatic story? Kelly chimed in and asked if every contestant has an equal opportunity for a rose even without a “horrible origin story.”

Joey Graziadei strongly said that getting a rose has nothing to do with a traumatic life story. “It has to do with me liking them.”

Do you believe Joey was being honest about how he chooses who gets a rose? Watch the full clip below and sound off in the comments.

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