‘1000-Lb Best Friends’ Did Meghan Really Want To Marry Jon?

Meghan Crumpler and Jonathan Creager from Instagram

When 1000-Lb Best Friends Season 2 wrapped up, viewers watched Meghan Crumpler walk down the aisle and marry her long-time boyfriend, Jon Creager.

But before Meghan and Jon said “I do,” Meghan got cold feet. Onscreen, she wondered whether or not marrying Jon was the right decision. It was definitely a sticky situation, but the wedding ultimately happened in the end.

But just how much of the wedding drama was legitimate?

Now that news of 1000-Lb Best Friends Season 3 is circling the internet, fans are revisiting old storylines. Did Meghan Crumpler want to marry Jon all along? Or did TLC ramp up the drama for a storyline?

Was This 1000-Lb Best Friends Storyline Made Up?

Fans first met Jon and Meghan back on Too Large. At the time, Meghan was unable to care for herself, or even use the bathroom unassisted. Jon helped care for her. He supported her throughout her weight loss journey and bariatric surgery.

Meghan Crumpler and Jonathan Creager from Instagram
Jon Creager/Instagram

Although their relationship has had many ups and downs, they seem pretty happy together. So did Meghan really get cold feet before their big day? Redditors recently debated that question this week.

“How much of the ‘Meghan doesn’t wanna marry Jon’ storyline do you think was made up?” the original Redditor asked online. “If I was Jon I’d feel horrible rewatching all the episodes and seeing how my fiancee was that hesitant to marry me. Even on the wedding day.”

Meghan Crumpler and Jonathan Creager from Instagram
Jon Creager/Instagram

As in any thread, 1000-Lb Best Friends viewers did not hold back their opinions.

Redditors React To Meghan’s Wedding Day Hesitation

Other Redditors had plenty of opinions. Overall, it seemed many viewers think that TLC manufactured the storyline.

Comments included:

  • I assume it was part of the deal so TLC would pay the $600 that wedding must have cost.”
  • Probably all of it for extra drama lol idk I’m a happily married and was ecstatic on my wedding day. Imo if you’re that scared than a wedding wouldn’t be happening in the first place 🤷🏻‍♀️”
  • “I always assumed it was her feeling like she needed more of a storyline, and production nudging her a bit.”
  • “I think that was drama but I think the whole wedding was drama. I said this in another comment. Vanessa was killing it after her surgery. Ashley & Tina were approved for surgery. Meghan had to do something to make it about her – ‘I know, I’ll get married! yes that’s it!’

What do you think about the situation? Was Meghan’s wedding drama manufactured for the sake of a storyline? Or did Meghan really get cold feet? Share your ideas in the comments.

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