Hints Savannah Chrisley’s Beauty Line, ‘Sassy’ Done

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Are there hints that Savannah Chrisley’s beauty line, Sassy, is officially done? She has prided herself on the company and expanding it as much as she can. Yet, is she no longer focusing on her passion project which she loved so much? Read on for more details.

Hints Savannah Chrisley’s Beauty Line, ‘Sassy’ Done

Savannah Chrisley launched her beauty line, Sassy, back in 2020 which is hard to do with a pandemic. She sold it online and utilized the beauty of social media to get the word out about it. More so, she enlisted her family like her mother, Julie Chrisley to model some of the products. She further expanded from makeup to fragrances and balms. Essentially, the blonde bombshell hoped to dominate the beauty industry while also being a podcast host and a real estate agent. However, it appears that maybe Sassy is not as important to Savannah as it once was.

According to a Reddit thread, it looks like Sassy is no longer. What gives that idea? Here is what the OP wrote:

  • Went to check out sassybysavannah.com and the website is parked. Did Sassy close down her makeup line? Did this business go the way of Chrisley & Co Clothing, The Juice Bar, Faith over Fear, Chase Chrisley Collection Candles, etc.? Reviews were pretty good for her makeup, not sure why she would let this business/income go.
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Savannah Chrisley – Instagram

That is a very good question and it would make sense if she was not as invested as she has many other priorities like raising her youngest siblings. Upon checking, the domain is gone so what were some thoughts on this?

  • Probably couldn’t do it anymore or got bored with it
  • She said she needed to devote her energies elsewhere.
  • Wasn’t it about this time last year she talked of rebranding it? But it ended up in dollar stores.
  • Grifters aren’t normally productive at anything but grifting…ie anyone named Chrisley.
  • With no examples of what real work looks like I don’t think any of them could sustain a business long term.

What About Social Media?

Savannah Chrisley still has her Instagram running for Sassy. However, her last post was in January but she does not have anything there about closing it down. Or, even having a going out of business sale. Fans have been asking about restocking on her social media with no response:

  • Will you be restocking the Nashville nights palette?
  • What happened to the link? it’s saying it can’t be trusted when I click on it to shop @sassybysavannah @savannahchrisley

So, there are some questions when faithful customers are trying to purchase more products. Luckily, for those in need, her stuff is available on Amazon so feel free to look there.

Do you think that she just ditched her business without telling anyone? More so, why do you think she did this? Let us know in the comments below.

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