‘Aurora Teagarden’: New Clues About Future Of Hallmark Mystery Series

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When Candace Cameron Bure abandoned Hallmark for another network, the future of Aurora Teagarden seemed impossible. However, just a year ago, the network rebooted the series with a prequel series starring Skyler Samuels, Marilu Henner, and Evan Roderick. That result was Aurora Teagarden: Something New.

However, there appears to be some news on the future of the series that should interest Sleuthers, although Hallmark has not yet made a formal announcement.

Here are the latest details.

Looks Like Hallmark Is Filming More Aurora TeagardenΒ 

Although Hallmark has not made an announcement, it appears that they will be making two new Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. According to In Production in Vancouver, an industry site that lists all current productions going on in the Vancouver, BC area, the network will soon be filming not one but two new Young Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. Two listings are the same, except one says “2,” while the other says “3.” In parenthesis, it states for example “Block shooting with Young Aurora 2.”

Next, the schedule states 3/4/2024 -04/01/2024. Lastly, both movies will be directed by Jessica Harmon, the director of Aurora Teagarden: Something New.

However, there is no cast listed here. Fans of the series should assume that Skyler Samuels, Marilu Henner, and Evan Roderick will return to reprise their roles as Aurora, Aida, and Arthur.

This reboot may not be a huge surprise to fans of the Hallmark Mysteries & More podcast. Those who heard the episode with producer Mike Burbuto may have heard a hint that there could possibly be more. Now, it looks very promising.

However, things can change due to unforeseen circumstances. Right now, it looks like Hallmark will be filming two more Aurora Teagarden. When the network releases a statement on this, it makes this news official.

Hallmark Rebooted Candace Cameron Bure Mystery Series After She Defected to GAF

When Candace Cameron Bure defected to Great American Family, Sleuthers were told that the series was done for now. However, in March 2023, they were surprised with the announcement that they were doing a spinoff prequel.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the network was “reviving” the series without CCB. Instead, they decided to focus on “Young, post-college Aurora, who finds herself returning to Lawrenceton.” Therefore, instead of working at the library, Aurora works as a waitress at night, while working as a college TV for a crime fiction class.

This is the OG story of the popular Hallmark Mystery sleuth that has entertained mystery fans for years.

When Will New Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Premiere?

Sleuthers may now want to know when the two new Aurora Teagarden Mysteries will premiere. As they will complete filming in early April, it seems likely that there could be a premiere anytime after May. Now that Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is rebranding to Hallmark Mystery on March 6, they will need to keep making new mysteries to fill in those Friday night premiere time slots.

Sleuthers, what do you think of this new Hallmark Mystery news?

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  1. πŸ˜‚so they are making two new Young Aurora Teagarden Mysteries the first one was number 108. But than what do I expect they are also making a new Jane Mysteries and that one finished worst than Aurora.

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