Does Joey Graziadei End Up Proposing To Anyone At The End?

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Joey Graziadei has been seen struggling with this process lately. Fans are wondering if Joey will end up proposing to anyone by the end of the season. The season started with viewers seeing Joey distraught at the final rose ceremony. This also made fans wonder what was going on in his head. Does he end up proposing to anyone?

Joey Graziadei Is Holding Back From Love

Graziadei has been struggling with the pressure of this experience. Not only that but he is scared to open up to someone, let alone multiple people. The last time he truly opened up was to Charity Lawson. He had picked out a ring and was ready to get down on one knee before she stopped him. This broke his heart even though he seemed to be doing okay. However, once he sees Charity and Dotun’s connection, he realizes she made the right choice and wants to move on and find love of his own. Even though fans questioned if he was ready or not, he assured them he was.


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Does He Propose To Someone?

Fans are dying to know if Joey Graziadei ends up proposing to someone at the end of this experience. Especially with the pressure he has been feeling and the distraught we saw at the final rose ceremony at the beginning of the season. He would not fully open up on if there is an engagement.

“You’re going to have to wait to watch the season and see if I’m even having a wedding.”

However, there is a good chance he will be proposing to one of the women at the end of the season. He just does not want to pick the wrong person and fears that the energy he gives will not be reciprocated. He is afraid of rejection and scared of not ending up with someone he will be with forever after he thought he had that with Charity.


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Joey does end up proposing to someone and you will have to keep watching to find out who that person is. However, it is obvious that the final rose ceremony is hard on Joey and takes a toll on him emotionally. There are still six women left and time for him to form stronger connections. He also has to decide who is going to move forward to the hometown dates. Who do you think he will propose to? Sound off in the comments below.

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