Should Whitney Way Thore Give It Up After Jaime’s Wedding?

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Whitney Way Thore’s niece, Jaime Daughdrill married on the weekend. Some fans think that her wedding was filmed for TLC. Now that the wedding happened, TLC fans wonder if the main star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney should fold her cards and make a new life.

MBFFL Whitney Way Thore Attended Jaime’s Wedding

Many people thought that when Glenn Thore introduced his new family on MBFFL, that his daughter Whitney acted like a jealous child. However, other people believed she lacked any new storylines. So, her secret half-sister, Angie Burdett’s family injected some life into the show. However, many My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans think it’s simply a soft reboot, and they would prefer the show to end.

Glenn Thore With Angie - Whitney Way Thore Instagram
MBFFL Glenn Thore With Angie – Whitney Way Thore Instagram

Whitney Way Thore was invited to Jaime’s wedding. However, no photos or videos emerged of the ceremony. Naturally, TLC fans think it’s under an NDA for the next season of the show. And, it makes them feel angry. Many critics slammed the network because of its secrecy. For starters, critics think that Glenn Thore’s family knew about Angie’s family long before they were filmed for Season 11.

Jaime Daughdrill Married On The Weekend

When the wedding photos and videos didn’t appear, apart from anger about the secrecy, an OP on Reddit pointed fingers at Glenn’s daughter. Saying, “WWT infiltrated them with money and a television show is so gross to me. She desperately needed them for ratings.” More followed, but one part of the rant seemed worth discussing.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Way Thore and Jaime - TLC YouTube
My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Way Thore and Jaime – TLC YouTube

What a sad, sorry, lonely, pathetic existence. When you have to wonder would anyone want to be near you if it didn’t come with a check and a camera crew. I say this all the time because I know Whit comes here and reads these post. Whit you’re barley 40, you still have so much time to build a real life for yourself. Know when to fold’em girl.

Should Whitney Way Thore Fold Her Cards?

The line from Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler lyrics seems pertinent. Is the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star sitting too long at the table, gambling on her new family to carry her during more seasons? With her reputation as an influencer and a background in broadcasting, why not walk away, retaining some dignity? After all, the TLC show’s not likely to run on forever.

Whitney Way Thore At Jaime's Wedding - Instagram
Whitney Way Thore At Jaime’s Wedding – Instagram

In the comments section, it was noted that Whitney Way Thore later shared a short video of herself dancing. As the reel showed none of the other family in any detail, she faced criticism for using it to advertise her show.

  • …Hours after I posted this…the video showed nothing but Whit dancing. Just a lil teaser to get you to tune in to her show….

What are your thoughts? Are you angry because the secrecy surrounding the wedding of Jaime Daughrill suggests it might be in a new season of MBFFL? Do you agree that Whitney Way Thore can still find a new life at 40 without the cameras on her? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your My Big Fat Fabulous Life news.

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