Jenn Tran Has Some Big Red Flags Viewers Noticed

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Jenn Tran is a sweet girl, but fans think she has some major red flags that Joey Graziadei should pay attention to. Joey has been struggling with choosing the woman he wants to move forward with. He has broken down on camera and wants the love he gives to be reciprocated. However, he is certain his wife is there, he just does not want to pick the wrong person. Jenn is still there, and fans think he needs to look at the red flags.

Joey Struggles On Week Six

Joey Graziadei was shown having a hard time in the sixth week. He broke down in front of the cameras. Graziadei showed his vulnerable side on the show this week and it made viewers love him much more. He also had a rough week when four women went home.

Jess opened up to Joey and he did not feel the same and sent her home that night because he did not want to fake his feelings. It was hard for him to do but it was the right decision. Lexi also came to his room and let him know her timeline for having kids has to be faster than what he wants and decided to leave. That was hard for them both, but Lexi did not want to make Joey have kids before he was ready. During the rose ceremony, Joey sent Katelyn and Lea home which left only six women.


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Jenn Tran And Her Red Flags

Jenn Tran had a rough life growing up when it came to seeing a healthy relationship. She opened up to Joey about how her parents argued all the time and did not even sleep in the same room. She has never seen a healthy relationship and has only been around the toxicity. Jenn also revealed she did not have a relationship with her dad and viewers found this to be a red flag.

  • “Jenn is so cute but it’s a big red flag when a woman has no relationship with her Dad”.
  • “Imagine a man tells you he hates his mom and has no relationship with her. Red flag? Yeah,”

Joey does not seem to see the red flags and ultimately it is up to Joey regardless of what fans think.


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While fans think she has some issues, others think she is sweet. Joey is going into week seven of the season and there are only six women left. He has to make a decision about which girls he will take to the hometown dates. After Jess and Lexi left before the rose ceremony, he still sent Lea and Katelyn home. Who do you think he will take to the final four? Do you think Jenn is a good fit for Joey? Sound off in the comments below.

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