Somber Jen Arnold Remembers Irreplaceable Person In Her Life

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold

The Little Couple celeb Jen Arnold is with her family in New York City. However, even though there’s plenty to see and do, the mom of two is in a somber mood, as she remembers someone in her life that was very special to her. What did the former TLC celeb have to say?

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold And Family Visiting NYC

Longtime The Little Couple fans know that Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, and the rest of the family love making trips to the Big Apple. They have a lot of history in the world-famous city. Bill and Jen often travel to New York City when they need to have surgery.

Other times, they have activities planned. With this trip, they are back in NYC to celebrate Will Klein’s birthday. Making the trek is a lot easier for this The Little Couple family now that they live in Boston. However, because they have so many ties to the city, coming back brings back somber memories as well.

Bill Klein and Jen Arnold - Instagram - The Little Couple
Bill Klein and Jen Arnold – Instagram – The Little Couple

Jen Arnold Remembers The Special Person She Lost

One of the things many visitors can’t escape when they visit New York City is all the lives lost on September 11, 2001. It’s a day that America and the world remember. For Jen Arnold, the loss on that day hits extremely close to home.

While out seeing the sights in the city, one of the places Jen Arnold and her The Little Couple family stopped by was the 9/11 Memorial. Jen Arnold remembered Uncle Dennis M. Carey Sr. while there.

Jen Arnold shared a short clip of herself, Bill, Will, and Zoey at the memorial. The sadness is clear on their faces as they remember the special family member they lost. Along with sharing the clip, Jen Arnold wrote: “We will never forget.” She also included a red heart.


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The Little Couple Family Also In Town For Will Klein’s Birthday

In contrast to the mourning of the family member they lost, The Little Couple family is also in the Big Apple to celebrate Will’s birthday. Will turns 14 on February 24, so, they are getting an early start on the birthday festivities for him.

Another thing that Jen Arnold shared with her The Little Couple fans is a short clip taking in the sights in Chinatown for Will’s special day, including all the eats and other activities that go along with it.


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Visiting NYC and remembering Uncle Dennis may be a sad time of mourning, but NYC is also a source of a lot of happy memories. The contrast of these two things may be jarring, but, they also have a lot to look forward to as they remember and honor the past.

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