Reality Steve Predicts ‘Golden Bachelorette’ Lead

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Who will be the first-ever Golden Bachelorette? That’s the question everyone is asking. Blogger Reality Steve shares his prediction. Keep reading to see his guess and read what other fans are saying.

Controversial Celeb ‘Auditions’ For Coveted Role

Traditionally, the Bachelorette lead is chosen from the previous season’s contestants. Will ABC stay with that format when choosing the first Golden Bachelorette?

Amid chatter about the upcoming season, celebrity names such as Susan Lucci and Martha Stewart have come into play. Actress Drew Barrymore weighed in on the debate during an episode of her talk show. She pitched A-list actress Meryl Streep for the role.

However, it seems Meryl Streep has some competition. Embattled comedian Kathy Griffin threw her hat in the ring back in October before the spinoff was even confirmed.

Serious question…does the fantasy suite come with defibrillator machines or do we bring our own?” she joked on her audition tape.

Reality Steve Predicts Golden Bachelorette Lead

Reality Steve always seems to know what’s happening in Bachelor Nation. However, he is as in the dark as the rest of us when it comes to the first Golden Bachelorette lead.

The network only announced the spinoff earlier this month. It hasn’t started filming yet, nor does it have an airdate. It’s a safe bet that the lead hasn’t been officially chosen yet.

But if he had to guess, who does Reality Steve predict will get the gig? According to Monsters & Critics, the spoiler guru thinks it will go to Leslie Fhima, who was runner-up on Season 1 of The Golden Bachelor.

Leslie Fhima/Credit: Leslie Fhima Instagram
Leslie Fhima/Credit: Leslie Fhima Instagram

But what do fans have to say?

What Bachelor Nation Fans Think

One Bachelor Nation fan took to Reddit with their own Golden Bachelorette prediction. “Nancy… 100%. Bear with me here. Her time got cut short due to the stress fracture she sustained during pickleball,” they wrote on a thread.

Other fans weighed in with these comments;

  • I don’t think there’s anyway it’ll be Nancy. I forget she was even on the show despite being part of ASKN and I don’t hear a lot about her in the general fan base.
  • I think it will be Faith Martin.
  • She didn’t stand out much so I doubt it.
  • I think I’d prefer her over the other options actually
  • I 100% think it could be Nancy. And personally I’d rather it be her than Leslie.
  • Susan would be an absolute trip. I’d watch that show in a heartbeat.
  • Honestly I would be so happy with any of the ladies from the season. This show brought me back to Bach franchise

What do you think? Do you think Reality Steve’s prediction for Golden Bachelorette is correct, or will it go to someone else? Sound off in the comments.

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