‘MBFFL’ Fans Livid, TLC Hiding Wedding For Storyline?

Whitney Way Thore from MBFFL, TLC, Sourced from YouTube

Wait, is TLC withholding My Big Fat Fabulous Life content for the sake of future storylines?

Over on Reddit, many MBFFL viewers certainly think that’s the case. One cast member had a wedding over the weekend, but there haven’t been any videos or photos anywhere online.

So what is everyone saying? Keep reading to find out more and see if you agree with Reddit’s assessment.

There Is A MBFFL Wedding On The Way

Whitney Way Thore and the rest of her family members were likely at a family wedding over the weekend. But don’t expect to see any evidence of it on social media.

As Redditors point out, TLC is allegedly using footage of the special day for future storylines.

Whitney Way Thore from MBFFL, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
My Big Fat Fabulous Life/TLC

“[Jaime]’s wedding was Saturday, but is being saved for TLC to air – $$$” a Redditor titled their post. “Just thought it was funny how there’s not a single video or photo of [Jaime]’s wedding weekend anywhere. I’m sure the guest were forced to sign NDAs, just so tlc could be the first to air anything about the wedding.”

The OP went on to say they personally found it distasteful that Whitney Way Thore roped her newfound family members into her reality show. In other words, Whitney’s family members involved with MBFFL will likely have to save major life events for storylines.

A few other Redditors pointed out that Whitney and her family already knew about Angie and Jaime well before the storyline ever made it to TLC. Viewers believed it was yet another example of TLC using the family solely for ratings.

Whitney Way Thore from MBFFL, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
My Big Fat Fabulous Life/TLC

Other Redditors React To The Situation

Other comments on the thread included:

  • “Honestly, if I was told I had to sign a NDA in order to attend a family member or friend’s wedding, I wouldn’t go.”
  • It is so transparent that people are only there for the $. I’m sure Glennthor and the new family will have wonderful times together, just not on TV for her to exploit.”
  • There is absolutely no reason for another season when it’s not even about Whit’s life anymore… it’s about everyone else’s.”
  • Yeah, I concur. The ‘public’ or ‘audience’ is always the last to know.”

Overall, it seems that MBFFL fans wouldn’t be surprised if TLC suppressed the wedding. However, they didn’t necessarily agree with the situation and thought it was pretty distasteful.

What do you think about the Reddit thread? Do you think Jaime’s wedding guests really had to sign NDAs to attend the wedding? Did the network require everyone to keep the wedding quiet for storyline purposes? Share what you think in the comments.

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