‘Love Is Blind’ Contestant Has A Girlfriend Outside Of Pods

Love Is Blind, Season 6, Netflix

A Love Is Blind contestant seems to have a girlfriend outside of the pods. He told her he was going on a business trip, but he was filming the show. How can he be trusted after this? The supposed girlfriend went on TikTok to share the story and seems to still want to be with him after this. How will that work out?

Love Is Blind Season 6

The Netflix series has become a hit over the last six seasons. This season recently came out and fans have binge-watched it quickly. Men and women try to find love without seeing each other. This is to make them come out of their comfort zones and fall in love with physical appearances being an aspect. There are a lot of cute couples that found love this season. However, some were left heartbroken. Jessica and Trevor got dumped by Chelsea and Jimmy. However, there are couples like AD and Clay who hit it off and got engaged. Fans have their own opinions on certain couples. However, one guy seems to have had a girlfriend when he came on the show. This shocked fans and they no longer trust him.

Who Had A Girlfriend On The Outside?

Jimmy Presnell is rumored to have been dating someone while he was on the show. A woman came out on TikTok to share the story. He told her he was on a business trip and would not be able to respond. However, she started watching the show and immediately recognized Jimmy as her boyfriend. She still wants to be with him it seems, but he obviously is not interested anymore. He got engaged to Chelsea after breaking Jessica’s heart.

Imagine my f**king surprise when I turn on the new season of Love Is Blind this morning and see my fucking boyfriend. Yeah, are you shocked? Because I sure as hell am.
Fans were dying to know who it was. While she did not name him, she left a big clue as to who it was.
He couldn’t talk to me cause he was working. Come to find out you’re dating other people. Are you f**king kidding me? Talking to this woman who has a child. I can’t compete with that. And she’s stunning.
This made it obvious the man she was talking about was Jimmy Presnell. Not many people liked Jimmy as he played with two women’s hearts.

I cant imagine why he feels the need to explore his options when the universe meant for us to he together πŸ’” #loveisblindseason6 #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblind

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Jimmy Presnell is not a fan favorite, and he just made it worse. While the previous girlfriend never gave up the name of the contestant. However, he is the only guy who is talking to a woman with a child. This immediately caught fans attention and they know who it is. Now fans are dying to know if this was a misunderstanding between the two, or if Jimmy truly is not loyal. What do you think? Do you like Jimmy? Sound off in the comments below.

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