Lexi Young Praises ‘Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei’s Response To Disease

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Bachelor contestant, Lexi Young praises Joey Graziadei for the way he responded to her emotional reveal of her disease. She spoke out more about it on a recent episode of Bachelor Happy Hour. She shared why Joey’s response was so much different than others she had told this sensitive information to. What did she have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Lexi Young Praises Joey Graziadei’s Response To Her Disease

Lexi Young shared more details about her diagnosis of endometriosis on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. One of the things she said was how differently Joey Graziadei responded to her disease versus others she has told.

She revealed that her health struggles and potential fertility issues were why she and her ex-boyfriend broke up. She said, “For him, my health was something that impacted the end of our relationship. I think he saw it as, I would never say a burden, just something that would potentially affect us being able to have a family long term or my ability to be a mother. I am not always 100% every day. For him, he saw that sometimes as a challenge, which you can imagine on my side is really difficult.”

Lexi went on to say that she had heard from others that he expressed not being able to support her in the way she needed. The break up led Lexi to feel like she couldn’t open up about it to anyone else, until Joey.

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Joey handled everything she told with such grace and understanding.

When Lexi shared her story with Joey, she also talked about timelines and when she wanted children along with the possibility of not even being able to have babies.

She said, “Hearing Joey’s response will probably forever change my perception on opening up about this in my life in relationships about my story and my health. He brought me to tears that night. He was so genuine and sincere and such a good listener. I felt heard and I didn’t feel judged or analyzed. I felt like he was really just listening to me and empathetic to what I went through.”

She Opened Up More About Her Illness

Lexi Young also shared with Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt that she went through ten years of pain and not knowing what was wrong with her. In fact, she shared that on average it takes women ten years to get diagnosed correctly with endometriosis.

She was misdiagnosed several times before they finally figured it out.

Serena questioned Lexi about how she has been since being diagnosed. She said, “It’s been an uphill battle, if I’m being honest. I have good weeks and I have really bad weeks. I have been on so many different medications to try to get it to a place where it’s controllable. I am at the point right now where they want me to have a second surgery. A lot of times, women have two or three, but because I’m 30, they want me to have it as close as possible to when I want to conceive.”

So, Lexi overall feels pushed into a corner. The doctors also don’t want her to have too many surgeries because of other possible complications such as scar tissue.

Right now she continues to push through her pain and make the most of it.

What do you think about Lexi’s story and bringing awareness to endometriosis? Did you love Joey’s response as much as Lexi did?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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