Abigail Heringer Details What She Hears With A Cochlear Implant

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Abigail Heringer has been open about her hearing loss. The first deaf Bachelor contestant uses a cochlear implant to help her hear, but what does that mean, exactly? In a new vlog, the reality star-turned-advocate details what life sounds like through a cochlear implant. Keep reading for all the fascinating details.

BIP Alum Gushes Over Fiance’s New Look

Bachelor In Paradise couple Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb are four months into their engagement but aren’t rushing to plan a wedding. Their main focus right now is remodeling the home they share in Oklahoma.

Noah Erb cut off his mullet-like locks over the summer. Abigail shared a new photo of her man’s fresh haircut. She gave the look her approval by writing “oooo la la” on the photo of her fiance relaxing on their bed.

photo of a man in a black sweater and jeans relaxing on a bed.
Noah Erb/Credit: Abigail Heringer Instagram

Abigail Heringer Details What She Hears With A Cochlear Implant

Abigail Heringer takes the honor of being the first deaf Bachelor contestant very seriously. She often shares her experience with deafness and cochlear implants on a vlog series called “Hear Me Out.”

In the latest edition, Abigail tries her best to explain what exactly it’s like to hear with the cochlear implant. As fans know, she was implanted with the hearing device when she was just two years old.

She revealed in the new video that she actually got implanted with a second device when she was in middle school, but didn’t keep it because of the sounds it was making.

The second implantation was “all beeps. What I mean by this is each sound and syllable was just a beep. So ‘hear me out’ is three syllables but all I’d hear would be beep beep beep,” she explained.

She went on to clarify that hearing with cochlear implants is not a “quick transition.” She continued, “It’s not like putting on glasses and you can see clearly right away. To be quite honest, those beeping noises are so annoying because that is all you can hear.”

The other implant she had as a child provides good hearing, in her opinion. “I would consider the sounds that I’m hearing through it very similar to what you guys are hearing. I don’t consider it to sound robotic or fuzzy or static at all.”

Abigail made sure to clarify that she doesn’t have anything to compare what she hears to ‘normal’ hearing because she was born deaf.


a little insight into what my cochlear implant sounds like! 🦻🏼

♬ original sound – Abigail Heringer

Her Followers Share Their Experiences

Abigail Heringer has amassed over 700k Instagram followers, both deaf and hearing. Several of her followers shared their own experiences with cochlear implants. Check out some of their stories:

  • My daughter Grace was born with CMV and progressive hearing loss. So she could hear at birth but slowly became completely deaf. She was implanted at age 4 then other side at 5- at first she said everything sounded like chipmunks/donald duck 😂 and sometimes when she has a mapping adjustment she still says that, but eventually she describes it just like you, that all the voices and sounds become completely “normal” as she gets used to it!
  • My daughter got bilateral CI, and lost one in 2022. Now with juts one CI, We have noticed she copycat the sounds she hears a lot . So what you mentioned about the beeps helps us parents understand better why our little one does and speak what she hears.
  • lol it’s like I am in this video, except I got my R side done in HS and it just sounded like white noise
  • On my first day, I heard robotic sound .. didn’t have the beep sound much. Perhaps it’s because I was implanted later at my 43 so I have the sound memory.

Did Abigail’s video clear up some confusion you had about cochlear implants and how they work? Share your reaction in the comments.

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