Clues Kim Zolciak Is Coming Back To ‘RHOA’?

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Are there clues that Kim Zolciak is returning to RHOA since departing after Season 5? She has been a guest and “friend of” in additional seasons but never came back as a full-time housewife. Now that she has money troubles and is in a new phase of her life, is she making the move? Read on for more details.

Clues Kim Zolciak Is Coming Back To RHOA?

Kim Zolciak went through a lot in her first five seasons of RHOA and became a fan favorite. Along with NeNe Leakes, the two were hilarious together. They had their ups and downs but when they were a team, it was nothing but fun. She also raised her two daughters, Brielle and Ariana while trying to launch a singing career. Finally, after having a sugar daddy, Kim ended up meeting pro football player, Kroy Biermann. The two ended up getting their own spinoff, Don’t Be Tardy and she exited RHOA.

Kim Zolciak, Kroy Biermann/RHOA/Facebook
Kim Zolciak, Kroy Biermann-Facebook

Kim popped up briefly in Season 15 but claimed she would not be coming back. Rather she went and did The Surreal Life instead. Her life is so filled with drama right now that she would be a perfect fit for the show. Now, according to a Reddit thread, there are some clues that the mother of six is making her big comeback. The OP wrote this:

  • Is Kim coming back?! Kim posted this on her story today

They then added in this photo.

Is Kim coming back?!
byu/Tight_Negotiation638 inRHOA

It appeared that Kim was filming for something but unclear what it was. Now, she could be doing promotion for The Surreal Life or something related. So, what did fellow Redditors think?

  • Byeeee this best not be rhoa
  • i hope so. as awful as she is… the b**ch cracks me upp
  • God in heaven I hope not
  • If she’s got to pay her bills she’s going to probably come back but will they let her come back and she just going to show up?
  • I will stop watching.

Mixed Reactions

It looks like some really want Kim Zolciak back for entertainment value and then others think she is just a waste. They also noted how skinny she looked but then asked if she even had a house anymore. She and her estranged husband allegedly had until last month to sell their Georgia mansion. This was a deal that they made with the bank and it is now February. As of now, Kandi Burruss is out for Season 16 but Porsha Williams is back so anything is possible.

Would you like Kim Zolciak to return or are you good without her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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