Did Chris Combs Get Skin Removal Surgery? See Shocking Pic

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Chris Combs appeared in 1000-Lb Sisters claiming his motivation for weight loss surgery was to encourage his half-sister, Tammy Slaton. Initially, he outperformed her with his goals. However, TLC fans know that she shed a lot of weight and needs skin removal surgery. But, did Chris already get his done? A new Valentine’s Day photo suggests it might have already happened.

Chris Combs Lost A Lot Of Weight

1000-Lb Sisters fans saw that Tammy’s brother struggled a little bit. At one stage, he gained back some weight. Additionally, he had an infected leg that required surgery. However, he overcame that setback. Since Season 3 of the TLC show, a stream of photos on his social media revealed a steady loss. In Season 5, he encouraged everyone to lose weight by working out. But fans wonder if he had his skin removal surgery. He seems determined to make that happen.

Chris Combs With Brittany In 2021 - Instagram
Chris Combs With Brittany In 2021 – Instagram

Chris Combs seems likable, and TLC fans love the way he helps everyone out. He’s married to Brittany, and they share some adult children. In fact, he’s a grandfather now. So, 1000-lb Sisters viewers cheer him on. Everyone loves a winner, and followers hope they see him get his excess skin removed. However, it certainly looks like that already happened, judging by a Facebook post by Brittany Combs.

1000-Lb Sisters Star In Valentine’s Day Pic – Skin Removal Surgery?

On February 14, Brittany changed her profile photo on Facebook, and in it, her husband looked a lot slimmer than he is on the show. Additionally, she shared another one that showed him looking amazing. From the photo, TLC fans agree that he looks like he needs no more surgery at all.

TLC Star Chris Combs With Brittany - Facebook
TLC Star Chris Combs With Brittany – Facebook

1000-Lb Sisters star Chris Combs arrived on the TLC show as a supporting character. However, he’s become so popular, that some people call for a spinoff. Meanwhile, others hope that he writes a cookbook. Unlike Tammy Slaton, who until recently, inspired nobody at all, her brother helped other people feel inspired to get their weight under control.

TLC Fans Seem Happy For Chris Combs

On Instagram, Chris only posted 34 times on his profile page. However, he racked up over 100K followers. 1000-Lb Sisters fans love his profile’s bio which reflects his gentle character.

A man trying to make it while staying humble.

TLC fans heard that Tammy Slaton moved in with her half-brother after a big fight with Amanda Haletrman, per InTouch Weekly. With his support, she seems to be doing an amazing job and reportedly shed 400 lbs of weight.

What are your thoughts about the photo shared by Brittany showing amazing weight loss by Chris Combs? Do you think he possibly already underwent skin removal surgery? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your 1000-Lb Sisters news.

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  1. Chris is such a positive person in the lives of his sisters.I love seeing his progress and I think he looks fabulous 👌 skin removal or not.Keep up the good work Chris.And I truly hope your Sisters can get it all together and follow you to a healthy outlook on there lives.Sincerly Heidi W. Cornville Az.

  2. I was wondering the same thing. Why didn’t they let his wife get the weight loss surgery. But he does look good. He’s also very positive about everything. When it comes to advise to his sisters.

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