‘Live’ Mark Consuelos Loses, Storms Off The Set

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Mark Consuelos took over the trivia travel game segment of Live with Kelly and Mark after he became the co-host of the show with Kelly Ripa. Some morning talk show fans felt upset because, before his arrival, t-shirts and mugs were handed out randomly. Now, people have to compete to win, and Mark hates losing. Recently, he lost and stormed off the set. So, who took him down not once, but twice? Read on to find out. ,

Live Mark Consuelos Hates Losing At Stump Mark

There have been some strange occasions during the game segment of the show, and one person refused to answer any questions. The point of the game is to make two statements, and then allow Mark to ask questions so he can select which is the correct statement. As you can imagine, refusing to answer questions made for some awkward moments.

Mark Consuelos seems extremely competitive, and when he won a Stump Mark segment in January, he shocked some viewers. Overcome with joy, he yelled out “Yoohoo” as he ran around the desks. Kelly Ripa watched unmoved. And, he sat down, the Live with Kelly and Mark host booed him. On social media, some critics feel that he takes the game way too seriously.

Live With Kelly And Mark Co-Host Stumped Twice – Walks off

On the Live Kelly Ripa show this week, Jane Krakowski returned as a guest, and she won Stump Mark for the second time. According to Monsters and Critics, “last fall,” the actress famous for her appearances in NBC’s daytime lineup and dramas, “stumped Mark and won an I Stumped Mark t-shirt.” Well, she just did it again.

Jane Krakowski, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos - Live with Kelly and Mark - YouTube
Jane Krakowski, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos – Live with Kelly and MarkYouTube

Mark Consuelos looked so laid back, chilled, and confident he’d win the contest. However, he didn’t and he stormed off the set. You can see the full video further down in this article. Choosing between two answers, one of which is right, and the other wrong, he thought she would have “loved the musical Rent so much that [she] went to see it twenty times.”

She didn’t, though, and the Live with Kelly and Mark co-host erred by doubting her second option.

I competed in a New Jersey ice-skating competition and was invited to compete in Lake Placid.

Laughing and determined to get her prize, Jane Krakowski said, “Give me the shirt, you are wrong, Mark!”

While he stormed off, Kelly Ripa and Jane had a hug and laugh about it. When Mark Consuelos returned, he said that the producers wouldn’t count his loss in the February statistics. And, he did concede that Jane was “good” at the game.

What are your thoughts on Mark Consuelos conceding that Jane Krakowski is good at the Stump Mark game? Are you shocked that he stormed off the set like a sore loser? Or, do you think he only joked? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Live with Kelly and Mark news. 

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